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Common questions about paying invoices online

Find answers about paying invoices sent from QuickBooks.

How do I pay the invoice?

  1. Open the email and select the View and Pay Invoice button.
  2. Select the payment method.
  3. Complete the fields.Tip: Select Save payment method to pay faster next time. This way you can reuse your payment method again later.
  4. Select Pay.

What if I get an error when I try to view or pay an invoice?

In most cases, the error message explains what to do next.

If the error doesn't give you next steps, you should clear your web browser. Web browsers store info about your everyday usage in an attempt to respond faster. It’s a good idea to clear your browsers on a regular basis.

Some email services can have issues displaying the payment link.

If you still have an issue opening the invoice, copy the invoice link:

  1. Find the View and Pay Invoice button.
  2. Windows: Right-click the button. Mac: Press the Control key and select the button.
  3. Paste the link directly into the address bar of your browser.

If the invoice still doesn't open, please try another browser.

Why is my browser no longer supported?

Older browsers have weaker security standards.

To update to a supported version of the browser you use, select one of the following links:



Internet Explorer


Why can't I pay this invoice online?

Not all businesses accept online payments. When they do, they choose the payment methods they will accept.

If the option isn't available to pay the invoice online, you can contact the sender to find out your options.

Why was my credit card declined?

Here are some reasons that a card may decline.

  • The info you entered may not match what your bank has on file.
  • The amount of the payment is larger than the current limit set by your card issuer or bank.
  • Some cards can be limited to the types of products or services they can be used for.

If none of these apply to you, contact your bank for more info.

Why can't I pay anything other than the full amount for this invoice?

To make a partial payment:

  1. Go to the Payment Amount line and select the Pencil
  2. Enter the amount you wish to pay.
  3. Complete the payment fields.
  4. Select Pay.


How do I access payment methods I saved in the past?

You can access your payment info when you have an invoice with an open balance.

  1. Open the email and select View and Pay Invoice. The payment methods will show on the tabs.
  2. Select the icon.
    • Select Edit to update the Name, Exp date, ZIP code or Save as default.
    • Select Delete to delete that payment method.
  3. Select Save or Delete.

When to contact the invoice sender

Contact the invoice sender if you need help with:

  • Questions about the products or services on the invoice
  • Credit card or Bank transfer optionsChanging payment amount or payment terms
  • Refunds
  • Payments you made in error or canceled payments
  • Making a payment by phone
  • Your payment history on other invoices from the same sender

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