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QB Enterprise 2021- entering vendor bills not posting to PO

Our sequence of processing Purchase Orders/Receiving Inventory/Entering Vendor Bills has always occurred in that order.  Upon receiving a vendor bill, we would choose vendor, enter bills & choose the PURCHASE ORDER for which we want to enter a bill.  The PO was shown whether received in full or not.  Since the update to 2021, the only option for entering a bill is from the item receipt(s); the PO is no longer shown to "bill from". The issue with billing from the item receipt is that the field "Qty on Bills" on the PO is not updated/populated.  This certainly can result in AP issues, duplicate payments to vendors. etc.  Seems there is a glitch with the software as furthermore on the Bill itself, when the Show PO button is clicked it opens the Item Receipt.  Tech support advised us to delete/re-enter PO's & redo item receipts.  This is not a practical solution nor would it solve the problem.  They stated that they could note escalate to their programmers to which my response was quite heated!  PLEASE HELP!

QuickBooks Team

QB Enterprise 2021- entering vendor bills not posting to PO

I've got you covered, @melaw0825.


I'll help ensure you can resolve the issue you have with your vendor bills and purchase orders in QuickBooks.


Have you turned on the Enhanced Inventory Receiving (EIR) feature in QuickBooks? If so, you'll need to create an Item Receipt to receive the non-inventory items and close the purchase orders.


For more info about it, please review this article: Turn on Enhanced Inventory Receiving (EIR).


If not, then you can open a sample file to test if this is a data issue. Here's how:


  1. Open your QuickBooks.
  2. On the No Company Open screen, select a sample file from the Open a sample file drop-down.
  3. Perform the same set of steps as you normally would.

 If you get the desired result, then the original file might be damaged. In this case, I recommend running the QuickBooks Verify and Rebuild tool. This can help identify and repair data damage. 


Here's how to Verify your data (original company file):


  1. Go to the File menu at the top.
  2. Select Utilities, and then choose Verify Data.

If the Verify data detects an issue, you can Rebuild your file. For more info about the process, please check out this article: Verify and Rebuild data in QBDT.


Also, I'd appreciate it if you can provide screenshots so I can give more troubleshooting steps to fix your issue.


To learn more about the newly added features for QuickBooks 2021, please refer to this article: What's new in QuickBooks Desktop.


Lastly, you can pull up some vendor-related reports to ensure the accuracy of your records. To achieve this, go to the Reports menu, and then select the desired report from the Vendor & Payables section.


Feel free to comment back below if you have follow-up questions about this. I'd be glad to help you some more. 

Level 1

QB Enterprise 2021- entering vendor bills not posting to PO

This is not a fix.  My customer has Enhanced Inventory Receiving turned on.  I updated them to 2021 over the long weekend.  Now they CANNOT post a bill against a purchase order as it does not show on the list of open purchase orders.  I have verified and rebuilt their data file with no errors found.  They have a huge amount of purchase orders.  They do not have the time to delete and re-enter all this data.

QuickBooks Team

QB Enterprise 2021- entering vendor bills not posting to PO

Thanks for joining us here, hlhart. Welcome to the Community.


I recommend contacting our QuickBooks Support Team. This way, they'll be able to further investigate why the entries are missing after upgrading to QuickBooks Enterprise 2021.


Here's how:

  1. From the Help menu, select QuickBooks Desktop Help.
  2. In the Have a Question window, scroll down to click the Contact us link.
  3. This will display the Contact Us screen.
  4. Go to the Tell us more about your question section to enter the issue or topic in the field box.
  5. Click the Search button to display the Start a Message button.


Additionally, I've added an article that'll help you learn more about the new and improved features in QuickBooks Desktop 2021 that suits your business needs: What’s new in QuickBooks Desktop 2021.


I want to ensure everything is taken care of, so if you have other concerns or questions, please let me know to help you.

Level 1

QB Enterprise 2021- entering vendor bills not posting to PO

This is a bug that started with install of 2021.


I contacted support and they were clueless and only could suggest a bug report.


I have sent in several with no fix yet.

Level 1

QB Enterprise 2021- entering vendor bills not posting to PO

This is a bug.


I contacted support.  I was a waste of time.  They suggested I submit a bug report.

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