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Increase limit to accept payments ACH

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QuickBooks Team

Increase limit to accept payments ACH

Hi missy-platts. To talk about increasing the limits on your account you will need to get in touch with the Payments (Merchant Services) Support Team. They have the tools to assess your account in a secure environment and look at the processing limit. You may be asked for some official documents to see how business is going to raise that limit. If you need anything else, I'm happy to help. Have a great day 

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Increase limit to accept payments ACH


As additional option, utilize MP as the backup to accept ACH payment for free and maintain your daily limit.



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Increase limit to accept payments ACH

Hi Steve,


Will this work for QBO?  We invoiced a customer for $117k but the limit is $49k.


Thank you!


Increase limit to accept payments ACH

Thank you for chiming on the thread, yuson. When using Merchant Services (Payments), it doesn't matter if you have QuickBooks Desktop or QuickBooks Online. The beauty of this is that both services can use this. As Steve mentioned, we recommend that you contact our Payment Team to discuss increasing your limit to accept payments since you may need to provide additional documents. Here's how to get us:

1. Click your Help (?) icon.

2. Select Contact Us.


3. Enter a brief description and click Let's Talk.

4. Select Start a chat with support experts.

Please sure to review our support hours, so you'll know when agents are available.



Please reach out to me if you have any questions or concerns about the limit increase. I'm always happy to help. Enjoy your day!


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Increase limit to accept payments ACH

were you able to get an increased payment terms and were you able to process your large transactions? i've just been hit with the first audit locking down my account and holding hostage 32k of transactions. 

QuickBooks Team

Increase limit to accept payments ACH

Thanks for joining this thread, samphif.

I can see how important for your business to be able to accept customer payments seamlessly. Let me route you in the right direction to resolve the issue.

Once you subscribe to a Payments account, there’s an average daily and monthly payment limit assigned to you. It’s based on your credit score, banking, and processing history.

When you reach the processing limit, customers won't be able to pay online until your limit opens up again as time goes by. Alternatively, you can still get paid with cash or checks.

To get you back on track, I recommend contacting our Payments Support Team. They can review your account in a secure environment. Then, help process your request to increase the limit for ACH or credit card payments.

For future reference, let me share a link to help with your future tasks. It contains resources that will guide you on how to perform any payment related-processes. Make sure to choose the topic to view the entire content of the article: QuickBooks Payments FAQ.

Feel free to leave a comment below if you have other concerns or questions. I’ll get back to answer them for you. Have a good one.

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Increase limit to accept payments ACH

You do not support (B2C) suppliers and individual customers transaction payment

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