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I am E-Filing 1099's for the first time this year using tax1099. Do people have a preference between Web Connect and Plugin?  I am desktop 2019, 20, 21 user. Just starting the setup process.

QuickBooks Team


Yes, you do, @charles16.


I’d be glad to guide you in E-Filing your first 1099 seamlessly.


QuickBooks offers two methods to help you determine how to import your 1099 data. You can choose either Web Connect or Plugin. Let me guide you how in your QuickBooks Accountant Desktop software:


If you prefer using Web Connect in importing your data, you can follow these steps:


  1. After you’ve completed the QuickBooks Desktop 1099 Wizard and created a account
  2. Select Web Connector Download to download the .QWC file needed for setup.
  3. Save the file to your desktop, and give it the same name as your login.
  4. In your QuickBooks, go to File menu, select Update Web Services, and then Add an Application.
  5. Open the .QWC file you just downloaded.
  6. Select OK on the Authorize New Web Service window.
  7. On the Application Certificate screen, select "Yes, always; allow access even if QuickBooks is not running," and then select Continue.
  8. In the QuickBooks Web Connector, select Tax1099, enter your Tax1099 password, and then select Update Selected.
  9. Then choose your preference if you want to save the password.

You can also check this article for the complete details (check the Method 2: Import your data by using the Tax1099 plugin section if you prefer using the plugin): 1099 E-File: QuickBooks Desktop setup, troubleshooting, & FAQs.


In case you’re unsure if your state requires you to file your 1099, you can refer to this link for reference about the process: What states support the Combined Federal and State Filing Program (1099)?


I’ll be around if you have other questions about importing your 1099’s. It’s always my pleasure to help you. Have a great weekend!

Level 1


Thank you for your offer to help, JasroV.  Can we schedule a phone conference sometime to discuss my questions?

QuickBooks Team


It's always our pleasure to help, charles16.


Since QuickBooks Community is a public forum, I'd like to redirect you to our QuickBooks Support Team. This way, your questions will be addressed in a secure and prompt manner.


Here's how:

  1. From the Help menu, select QuickBooks Desktop Help.
  2. In the Have a Question window, scroll down to click the Contact us link.
  3. This will display the Contact Us screen.
  4. Go to the Tell us more about your question section to enter the issue or topic in the field box.
  5. Click the Search button to display the Start a Chat button.


For more information about using the 1099 Wizard in QuickBooks Desktop, I recommend checking out this article: Prepare and File 1099s.


Additionally, I've included an article that'll help you set up your contractors/vendors and tracks all their payments. This helps you ensure your data is accurate: Set up Contractors and Track them for 1099s in QuickBooks.


Keep us updated if you have other concerns or questions about 1099. Doing so helps us to provide the assistance you need.

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