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Create Multiple Invoices for one customer

I see a lot of topics on batch invoicing.....however I am in need of a solution to create multiple invoices to one customer daily.  We drop ship products for a major retailer and each order is given a specific PO from the retailer.  I need to create an invoice for each PO in a batch setting hopefully to prevent from having to input these individually.

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QuickBooks Team

Create Multiple Invoices for one customer

Thanks for joining us here today, @mmad10.


I have some information about sending multiple invoices. This feature is only available in QuickBooks Online Advanced, where in you can work on multiple invoices at once in a single window. Then, send all your invoices with one click.


You can refer to this guide for details: Create and send multiple invoices in QuickBooks Online Advanced.


For other QBO versions, you'll want to use the recurring transactions for your invoices to one daily customer. 


To create a recurring transaction:


  1. Go to + New.
  2. Under Customers, select Invoice.
  3. Fill out the form with information you want to appear in every instance of the invoice.
  4. Scroll down and tick Make recurring.
    • Customise the Recurring Invoice:
    • Enter a template name.
    • From the Type drop-down, choose Scheduled.
    • On the Options section, mark Automatically send emails.
    • Set the interval.
    • Set the Start date to at least one day in the future. Scheduled recurring transactions are automatically created during the first half of the day. Choosing a day in the future ensures that the first instance will be created on the day you've selected.
    • Change the End date, unless you want this transaction to recur for an unlimited time.

      5. Hit Save template.


If you need help with other customer tasks, click this link to go to our general customer topics with articles.


Please let me know if you have other questions or concerns. I'm always here to help. Take care and have a wonderful day ahead.

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