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Entry level staff having access to sensitive financial reports

It came to my attention this morning that Intuit made a software change in the access that staff can have to sensitive reports like P&L, Balance Sheet, and Payroll.  I have been using QB for 27 years and was always able to select roles that would allow staff to do their jobs without compromising sensitive financial information that you don't want discussed in the lunchroom.  Now, if you give staff access to the "Sales" role they can see how much the boss makes in salary and how much money the company made last year.  We have an entry level sales person that does customer service and needs to look up open orders and create new customers.  Because "Sales" has an asterisk behind the role name in QB, in Intuit's words it "gives users unrestricted access to view all transactions, including payroll info".  They neglect to mention P&L and Balance sheet in their warning.  Intuit can't be serious, right?  This would mean that owners and senior managers are the only ones that can issue sales orders, print open invoice reports, on and on.  If this is true it is a HUGE glitch in the software. 

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QuickBooks Team

Entry level staff having access to sensitive financial reports

I appreciate your loyalty to QuickBooks, @sewfarm.


I recognized how important it is to keep your financial information confidential.


Allow me to share some information on how to keep it this way without any uneasiness that your staff would have access to it.


To ensure they won’t have access to your financial reports, you’ll want to modify their role and exclude it. Let me guide you on how to do change it in your QuickBooks Desktop (QBDT) software:


  1. Go to the Company menu,
  2. Select Users and click Set Up Users and Roles.
  3. From the Role List tab.
  4. Select Sales and click Edit.
  5. Click Reports and thick the None option.
  6. Do the same thing for the Employees & Payroll section.
  7. Make some other changes if necessary and click OK once done. 3.JPG

You can also read through these articles for more information about managing your users access effectively in QBDT:

Let me also add these resources that you can use for future reference. These links that can walk you through the detailed steps on how to personalize your invoice and reports:

You’re always welcome to post a reply in this thread if there’s anything else you need to ask. I’d be more than happy to assist you and keep you in working order. Have a great day and keep safe!

Level 2

Entry level staff having access to sensitive financial reports

I ended up finally getting competent support from the Priority circle. It would have been great if the Intuit tech support staff, including Enterprise specific tech support would have known even a little bit about this problem.  I spent 1.5 hours on the phone trying to get guidance and was finally told that a manager would call me back in 24 hours.  Then I had to log in and write an email to the Community.  2 hours of executive time wasted because of Intuit's software change and lack of team training. 


Staff didn't even know about the critical asterisk next to roles.  It is very apparent that much more training is required for these staff members.  Intuit does not care about their customers time enough to do proper training and just think of the poor staff members that have to feel incompetent every day when dealing with questions because their company doesn't care enough to invest adequate time and money in their careers.  When it comes to staff performance, pay more and you will get more. 

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