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Fixing Uncleared Transactions in Quickbooks Online

Feel free to ask me questions in case this is unclear (pun not intended).


When I first linked Expensify to our QBO, it was going the individual expense transactions were imported. However, to pay the employees, I manually typed in the amount, let's say  $10,000 to the Reimbursements field of QB Payroll and in the notes referenced the expense reports. (Sidenote we fixed future transactions by creating in Expensify/QBO an account called Reimbursable Expenses - now when it posts, they wash through, with no manual entry by me).


The problem is I have about 6 "transactions" under the old system. If I were to press delete, I would lose all of the individual expense entries for that $10,000 expense report. While I do not mind redoing the work if I must, I want to make sure that is the right approach. 


Otherwise, those transactions will forever show up on the uncleared report of the rec report.


Thank you for any guidance! 


Fixing Uncleared Transactions in Quickbooks Online

Thanks for dropping by the Community, @info4ruth1 


To ensure that I'm on the same page, I'd like to ask where you've created the reimbursable expense account? Is it in Expensify or QuickBooks Online (QBO)?


Also, may I know what you're referring to as the old system? Any additional information will help me provide the best resolution for this issue.


Please click the Reply button below to add more details, and I'll get back to you right away. I'm Looking forward to hearing from you soon.

Level 2

Fixing Uncleared Transactions in Quickbooks Online



Created the Reimbuseable Expenses account within QBO and then went back to Expensify and linked future reports there. 


No, it is the current version of QBO and Expensify. 




Fixing Uncleared Transactions in Quickbooks Online

Thanks for coming back with additional information, info4ruth1.


You can go back to your old expense entries individually and change the account to the new one. To achieve this, please follow the instructions below:

  1. Go to Expenses.
  2. Choose Vendors.
  3. Select the vendor name and locate the expense transaction.
  4. Under Category, change the correct account.
  5. Click Save and close.

Learn more about managing expense transactions in QuickBooks Online (QBO): Enter, edit, or delete expenses in QuickBooks Online.

The Community is always open for follow-up questions and other concerns. Just leave me a reply below and I'll be sure to get back to you. Have a wonderful rest of the day!

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