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Report filtering by Source Name

Is there a way to filter Source Names in reports?


Example: We have vendors named A, B, C, D etc.  We run the Item Actual Cost Detail and switch the display from Name to Source Name so that we get a column with our vendor names.  But we only want the report to show the Vendors with a vowel name (A, E, I, O, U.)  We could export to Excel and filter there but all we know is that we want the vowels and we don't know what a vowel is.  We'd like to go into the vendors and tell QB what vowels are...sometimes we might want Y after all.


How do we get the report to only show us the vowel source names?  We can add columns to filter fields in Name but of course Name is a weirdly irrelevant column.

QuickBooks Team

Report filtering by Source Name

Hello, @GalinMcMahon.


Let me share to you some insights about filtering source names.


In filtering names, it is not possible to be automatically adding vendors with vowel letters.


However, you can manually select add vendors with the vowel letters.


Here’s how.


  1. On your Item actual Cost Detail reports, Go to Filters.
  2. Select the source name.
  3. Select Multiple names.


From there you can select the names and choose the vowel that you wanted to use.


If you have other issues you can check out the link for help articles for your QuickBooks Desktop. 


Please leave a comment below if you have any other questions. Have a nice day!

Level 3

Report filtering by Source Name

Thank you for the reply.  Unfortunately this report does not allow filtering by source name.  It only allows filtering by name and associated fields.  'Name' is a completely irrelevant field that we would never have any use for.  I can't understand why QB chooses which fields can be used for certain reports.  Give us the option.

QuickBooks Team

Report filtering by Source Name

Hi there, GalinMcMahon.


For now, we're unable to add Source Name in the Filters tab. 


As you may have observed, the names that you can see when the Multiple names filter is being applied are vendor profiles. This means that the list of transactions will still be sorted out according to the selected vendors. 


Let me also share this article about running reports for additional details: Understand reports.


Add another reply below or visit us again if you need anything else. 

Level 1

Report filtering by Source Name

Since Quickbooks does not provide for filtering by Source Name (makking it hard to filter on a single employee), I used this workaround for each employee:


Assign each employee an Account Number:

1. Navigate to Employees | Employee Center.

2. Select the desired employee (e.g., Phalaxis, Anna).

3. Select the Edit icon (pencil tip).

4. Select the Additional Info tab.

5. Assign the employee an "Account Number" (e.g., 0001).


Report Filtering

1. Open the report you want to use as a template.

2. Navigate to Customize Report | Filters.

3. From the scrollable Filter list, select "Name Acc.Num/Note"

4. Type in the Employee Account Number (e.g., 0001).


(I also enter each employee as a Vendor, for handling non-Wage stuff like Expense Report checks, etc. (e.g., Anna Phalaxis - V), and I assign the the same Account number as for the Employee (e.g., 0001). If the bookeeper makes a mistake by choosing  "Anna Phalaxis - V" instead of "Phalaxis, Anna",  transactions related to both can be made to show up on my report.)


You can also search for a single employee using the following fields:

Name Address

Name City

Name E-Mail

Name Fax Number

Name Phone Number

Name State

Name Street 1

Name Street 2

Name Zip

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