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Cancel my account

Cancel my account
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Cancel my account

Thanks for getting in touch with the Community, usertxgirl0669.


You can cancel your subscription while signed in.


Here's how:

  1. Sign in as an admin.
  2. Use your Gear (⚙️) icon, then go to Account and settings.
  3. Access the Billing & Subscription tab. 
  4. In your QuickBooks section, select Cancel subscription or Cancel online.
  5. Follow the onscreen steps.


If you initiated your subscription through a mobile app store, it can be cancelled there.


I'll be here to help if there's any questions. Have a lovely day!

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Cancel my account

I have tried to sign into my account and it is not allowing me to do so..

I would like to cancel my subscription 

Level 1

Cancel my account

I no longer want to be charge on my credit card 

QuickBooks Team

Cancel my account

Hi there, SScandel. I can help you cancel your QuickBooks Online (QBO) account.


If I may ask, may I know the specific error message you're getting when trying to sign in to your account? This way, I'll be able to look into the issue further. For the time being, I recommend opening QuickBooks through a private window to check possible browser-related concerns when trying to log in to your account.


To save you time, use either of these keyboard shortcuts:


  • Google Chrome: Ctrl Shift N
  • Safari 11 or newer: ⌘ Shift N
  • Mozilla Firefox: Ctrl Shift P
  • Microsoft Edge: Ctrl Shift P


From there, follow the suggested steps by ZackE on how to cancel a QBO subscription. Otherwise, you can open this article as your guide: Cancel your QuickBooks Online subscription or trial.


If it works fine, go back to your original browser and clear its cache to start fresh. You can also use another supported and up-to-date browser to narrow down the result.


If you're getting the same result, I would suggest reaching out to our Support Team to isolate the issue. A live representative can look into your account securely and help you with the cancellation process.


In case you want to resubscribe and use QuickBooks again, you can use this article as your reference: How to resubscribe or reactivate QuickBooks Online.


If there's anything else you need help with canceling your account, let me know by adding a comment below. I'm more than happy to provide additional assistance. Have a good one!

Level 1

Cancel my account

I can't log in so how do cancel my account

QuickBooks Team

Cancel my account

We're sad to see you go, @dtr1. But let me share the steps to resolve your sign-in issues so we can cancel your QuickBooks Online (QBO) subscription. 


If you have trouble signing in to your QBO account, we're here to help. We'll show you how to sign in if you misplace or forget your user ID or password or if you're unable to obtain a verification code. Please read this article to learn about other sign-in tips and troubleshooting: Recover your Intuit Account if you can’t sign in.


If you're able to get through, the steps for canceling your account vary depending on where you purchased your subscription. If you signed up through a mobile app store, we'll have to cancel through the app store. 


Here's how to cancel an account purchased online directly from Intuit:


  1. Sign in to your QBO account as the primary or company admin.
  2. Go to the Gear icon and select Account and settings.
  3. Click Billing & subscription.
  4. In the QuickBooks section, select Cancel subscription or Cancel online. If canceling a trial, click Cancel your trial.
  5. Follow the onscreen steps.


For other options, please see this article: Cancel your QuickBooks Online subscription or trial.


However, if you're still unable to sign in to your account, I'd recommend reaching out to our customer support. This way, they can further identify the cause of the sign-in error and help cancel your subscription.


In addition, here's an article if you wish to resubscribe to your QBO account: How to resubscribe to or reactivate QuickBooks Online. It also contains answers to the most common questions when reactivating your subscription.


Let me know if you need further guidance canceling your account by leaving a reply below. We're always available anytime to offer assistance. Take care, and we wish you continued success.

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