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How can I setup an icon on my desktop for quickbooks

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How can I setup an icon on my desktop for quickbooks


If you mean a shortcut on your desktop to the QuickBooks Online login page, (Windows instructions) Right-Click on your desktop, select New/Shortcut and for the location type and click Next. name the shortcut QuickBooks Online and click Finish.


You should now have a new shortcut on your desktop which will open in your default web-browser and take you right to the QuickBooks Online website

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How can I setup an icon on my desktop for quickbooks

Ask and you shall receive, @ctfclement1.


It would be my pleasure to help you set up a desktop icon for QuickBooks. To verify, are you using QuickBooks Online (QBO)? Since QBO is primarily accessible within a web browser, you can create a browser shortcut that will accomplish just this.


The steps for doing so will vary largely based on which browser you're using, so I'll provide the instructions for Google Chrome below. If you're using a different browser, just let me know and I'll get you moving in the right direction.


Creating a shortcut link on your desktop with Google Chrome

  1. From within Chrome, click the 3 dots (⋮) button to open the menu.
  2. Select More Tools > Create shortcut.

  3. If prompted, select that you'd like to place the shortcut on your Desktop and/or Taskbar.

  4. Minimize Chrome and verify that the shortcut is appearing on your Desktop.

This will allow you to create shortcuts for whichever websites you frequently visit. We also offer a QuickBooks Online Windows/Mac App that operates outside of a regular web browser, just follow the link to learn more. Please follow up with me here should you have any additional questions or concerns. Thanks for coming to the Community, wishing you continued success.

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How can I setup an icon on my desktop for quickbooks

I too had the icon issue. Thanks for the help. 


How can I setup an icon on my desktop for quickbooks

Greetings, @Simple Is Us.


Welcome and thanks for joining this conversation.


I'm happy to know that the steps provided by my colleague helped you with this issue.


Please post again or leave a comment on this thread should you have any other questions and concerns. I'm only a few clicks away if you need further assistance. Take care and have a great day!

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How can I setup an icon on my desktop for quickbooks

I have the solution. So fyi downloading QB again to get an app was redundant and it didn't recognize my pws to get me to my subscription. And I couldn't find the app from the address bar as suggested. Here's what I did: I first made a shortcut on my desktop the normal way (right click, new, shortcut), then changed the icon (right click the shortcut, click properties, click change icon).  You'll see some icons, but you want to browse to your QB program to get QB. So go to file explorer, c drive, programs x 64, intuit, QuickBooks, scroll down to anything with a QB icon like qbw.exe and click it. Then rename the icon QBO or whatever (icon, right click properties, general, type new name). Voila!

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