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Paystub email template

I cannot seem to change the paystub email template.  Currently it states "Thank you for your business. We appreciate it".  That's all.  And this message is not even in any of the templates.  It does not state how to open the attached paystub file.   The Basic Paystub template that came with QB as well as my own template state how to view the paystub.  I've spoken with a QB rep that could not figure out and suggested escalating this to their Data Services Team.  That would require handing over my company file.  As you can imagine, the file contains a lot of confidential information that cannot be shared with just anyone.  I've searched Google and this forum with no luck so far.  Does anyone have any suggestions?

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QuickBooks Team

Paystub email template

Search no more, Jane.


I'd be delighted to share with you the steps on how to modify your pay stubs email template. 


You'll want to create a customize email template and ensure to select it when sending pay stubs to your employees. I'll be glad to guide you how.


  1. Go to the Edit menu in your QuickBooks Desktop (QBDT), and select Preferences.
  2. Select the Send forms menu and then the Company Preferences tab.
  3. From the Delivery Method Default drop-down menu, select Email.
  4. In the Email Templates drop-down menu, select Pay StubsCapture.PNG
  5. Select Add Template, and give your template a name.
  6. Customize the subject line and body, click Save and select OK to save the changes. 


You can also check these links for the complete process:



You might also want to utilize this article that can guide you on how to let your employees view their paychecks online: View your paychecks and W-2s in QuickBooks Workforce


You can always count on me whenever you need help with your email templates or Pay Stubs. Simply tag me in your reply, and I'll get back to you as soon as possible. Have a good one and best wishes for continued success!

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Paystub email template

Hi Jasro.  Thanks for your reply.  I have tried that, have also tried various test templates, and nothing works.

When I email a paystub, the email message simply says:  "Dear Mr. _____, Please find your pay stubs attached. Thank you for your business. We appreciate it very much. Sincerely, company name and web address."  And this isn't even the Basic Paystub (provided by QB and that cannot be edited).  I can't find any template that shows the text that I quoted.  Previous paystub emails contained the password information required to open the attached paystubs.  Not sure when this problem began. I email all staff except for myself.  I always just print mine, so did not notice this until staff began asking me for the passwords.



Paystub email template

Allow me to help you further and get this sorted out, @Jane5919.


When creating the customized template, let's make sure that you set them up as default. This way, you can use the text you quoted for that specific template. You can also use or create a customized email template when sending messages/forms from QuickBooks. Here's how: Create custom email templates in QuickBooks Desktop.


Also, verifying and rebuilding your data is a good start when it comes to fixing data-related issues in QuickBooks Desktop.


To Verify Data:


  1. Click Window at the top menu bar, then Close All.
  2. From the File menu, choose Utilities.
  3. Tap Verify Data.

To Rebuild Data:


  1. Click Window at the top menu bar, then Close All.
  2. From the File menu, choose Utilities.
  3. Hit Rebuild Data.
  4. You will receive a warning message to backup your company file, press OK.
  5. Click OK when you get the message "Rebuild has completed".


Once done, go back and send a sample pay stub to your email. If the problem persists, repairing QuickBooks Desktop will help fix the issue. Here's how:


  1. Restart your computer. This makes sure there are no programs that may affect the repair.
  2. Open the Windows Start menu, search and open Control Panel.
  3. Select Programs and choose Program and Features from there.
  4. Choose QuickBooks from the list of Programs, then Uninstall/Change.
  5. Click Continue or Next.
  6. Hit Repair, then Next. The repair should start right away, but it may take a while to finish. You can leave it running, and come back once it's done.
  7. Once it's done, select Finish. You may have to restart your computer to complete the repair.
  8. Update your QuickBooks to the latest release. This makes sure you have the most recent fixes and security updates


You may also need to update your Adobe Reader, for the detailed steps check this out: Email pay stubs from QuickBooks Desktop. It provides more troubleshooting steps to resolve emailing pay stubs issues.


Additionally, I'd suggest visiting this link: QuickBooks Workforce Resource Hub. You'll find more details about re-sending a Workforce invitation and printing W-2 and pay stubs. It also provides you answers to the frequently asked questions (FAQs) while using the Workforce. Just go to the Get answers to common questions question. 


I'll be right here to help you if there's anything else that you need. Just let me know by leaving a reply below. Take care, @Jane5919.

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Paystub email template

Did you get this problem solved?  

I have this same issue happening.

QuickBooks Team

Paystub email template

Hi, @SkydiveSpaceland. Great to have you joining the thread.


Have you tried performing the basic troubleshooting shared by my peer above? 


If not, I recommend you do it to fix data-related issues. Beforehand, make sure to update your QuickBooks Desktop to have the latest updates and fixes. If you're getting the same result, I suggest contacting our QuickBooks Desktop Support team. They can pull up your account securely and perform a screen-sharing session for further isolation. 


Here's how to get in contact with them:


  1. Go to Help, then select QuickBooks Desktop Help/Contact Us.
  2. Select Contact Us.
  3. Give a brief description of your issue, then click Continue.
  4. Sign in to your Intuit account and select Continue and then Continue with my account
  5. We'll email you a single-use code. Enter your code and select Continue
  6. Select to chat with us or Have us call you.


Please consider the available hours when contacting them so we can address your concern timely.


Additionally, here's an article you can read in case you want to make your paystub look the way you want it to: Customize paychecks and pay stubs in QuickBooks Desktop Payroll.

You can always get back to me if you've got additional questions about managing your paystub email in QBDT. I'd be glad to help. Have a nice day!

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