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License and product number

I am trying to install the updated Quickbooks Enterprise.  I have gotten the list of Lic # and Product ID# emailed to us.  My problem is which one am I suppose to use?


Corinne Scanlon

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Re: License and product number

When you go through the install process, do you not get a screen that asks you for both?

QuickBooks Team

Re: License and product number

Hello, @WJS.


You may need to input both your license and product number to install QuickBooks Desktop (QBDT) successfully. Allow me to help guide you how.


Before installing QuickBooks, make sure to check the system requirements to ensure your computer is compatible with QBDT.


To install QuickBooks:


  1. Download QuickBooks Desktop. If the installation doesn't automatically start, double-click the installer file to continue.
  2. Select Yes to All.
  3. Select Next.
  4. Agree to the Software License Agreement, then select Next.
  5. Enter your License and Product numbers, then select Next.
  6. Select the type of installation for the computer. 
  7. Select where you will be using QuickBooks. 
  8. Choose a new install location or select Next to install to the default directory.
  9. Select Install.
  10. Select Open QuickBooks to get started.
  11. Activate QuickBooks and you're all set.

To learn more about installing QuickBooks, you may visit this video tutorial: Install QuickBooks. You can also check these articles for additional reference:


Please keep me posted if you have any other questions about installing QuickBooks, I'll be always happy to help you. Have a wonderful day!

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Re: License and product number

When I had this done, I used the topmost license/code combination. 

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