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Card Reader Options for Quickbooks Online

Hello all, I am looking to upgrade my current magstrip card reader with one that will accept EMV, tap, Apple Pay, etc. I only do at-business transactions - I don't need to accept mobile payments. I use QBO w/ Quickbooks Payments. Here's how I currently do it:


I have a very basic magstrip reader that is connected to the desktop. When a customer is paying via CC:


1. I open their invoice and select "Receive payment"

2. Then use the drop-down to select "Credit Card"

3. Then select "Enter credit card details"

4. Then select "Swipe card"

5. I swipe the card on my magstrip, QBO recognizes it, I process the transaction, then it automatically applies the payment towards the selected invoice.


This has been a super easy way to do it for me for the past ~10 years. But now I want to offer more options for my customers. I am interested in the QB Reader, but my concern is the need to use it through the QuickbooksGo mobile app. This means that whoever is processing the transaction must have the app. So if I'm not in the office and need one of my guys to bill out a customer, they'll need to have the app as well. And in the industry I'm in, I feel it's a bit unprofessional to have the client sign my cell phone.


Another thing to add: most payments I accept are deposits rather than a payment-in-full. The invoices are normally of larger amounts ($5k-$100k). For example, $25k to start the job and $25k final payment upon job completion - both payments applied towards the same $50k invoice.


My questions:

1.) Can I use the QB Card Reader in the same fashion I'm using my current magstrip? So that it just links to my QBO without the need for the app.


2.) If not, is there any other card reader out there that will be a direct replacement for my current magstrip (I got this one on Amazon many years ago) that will accept EMV, tap, etc. and integrate with QBO?


3.) Is there another solution I'm not thinking of?



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QuickBooks Team

Card Reader Options for Quickbooks Online

Welcome to Community space, @WhiteCar. I'd like to thank you for using QuickBooks and Magstripe card reader when processing business transactions for ten years. I'm here to help you decide which one you can upgrade to offer more options for your customers.


For your first question, QuickBooks Card Reader accepts EMV chip cards and contactless payments via Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Samsung Pay. However, you need the QuickBooks GoPayment app or QuickBooks Online mobile app since it works via Bluetooth. Since Magstripe uses a micro-USB cable, you cannot use the QuickBooks Card Reader. It will only work through a USB-C cable.


Regarding your second question, there are various types of card readers available. Aside from the QuickBooks Card Reader, there are QuickBooks GoPayment Chip and Magstripe, and QuickBooks GoPayment All-in-one. All these require an app to function. You can refer to this article for more information about their features and operating systems:  QuickBooks Payments card reader features and compatibility.


Lastly, please note that we are unable to suggest which card reader would be the best fit for you. What we can do is aid you in any payment or invoice tasks.


I'm adding this guide as your reference to take payments and tip amounts conveniently: Process payments with the QuickBooks Card Reader.


This will enable you to decide which card reader you want to upgrade to. If you have any further questions regarding payment tasks, please feel free to ask. I am here to assist you.

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Card Reader Options for Quickbooks Online

Thanks for the reply. I have a few questions:


1.) I'm unable to find a single article/video demonstrating someone using the QB Card Rear the way I intend to. The only things I can find are people creating small, one-product invoices on the GoPayments app and accepting payment-in-full for it (i.e. produce, handbags, etc.).


NOTE: I am creating detailed, intricate, parts-and-labor invoices and customers are rarely paying-in-full.


Will I need to create an invoice on the mobile app every time I need to accept a payment? I currently create invoices on QBO via a desktop computer. I do have the QBO mobile app, so can I open the app, select an invoice that is already created, and accept a payment towards it that way?


2.) Can I replace my Magtek Dynamag with something like the Magtek tDynamo? It plugs into the computer the same way as my current Dynamag, but accepts EMV, NFC, etc.

QuickBooks Team

Card Reader Options for Quickbooks Online

I'd like to welcome you back and answer your questions about using card reader and receiving payments, WhiteCar.


You can create on both platforms since the data will automatically sync between the web version and in the mobile app. This means that if you created the invoice on your desktop computer, it will also show up in the app once you open it or refresh the system. 


You can refer to this article as a guide: See Your Latest Data in the QuickBooks Online App.

For partial payment, you may consider recording it as a deposit. Then, apply the deposit to the invoice once the full payment is received. Here's how:


  1. Open the GoPayment app.
  2. Tap the Plus (+) and select Customer payment.
  3. Select the customer or select Plus (+) to add their info.
  4. Choose Add charge amount and enter the amount.
  5. Tap the Charge $ button.
  6. Select the payment method: Card reader, Key in card, Cash, or Check.
    If you select Card reader, follow the steps based on the card type:
    • Credit cards with EMV chips: Put the card in the slot with the chip facing downward. The magnetic strip should face the customer. Then tap Charge.
    • Credit cards you swipe: Slide the card across the slot on the back of the reader. The magnetic strip should face the customer. Then tap Charge.
    • Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Samsung Pay: If you have the All-in-one Bluetooth Card Reader, you can process mobile payments. Ask customers to tap their device to the front of the reader. Then tap Charge.
    • If you don't have a card reader, select Key in card and enter the info manually. Then tap Charge.
  7. When you're finished with the form, select Tender Done.
  8. After the transaction finishes, select Send to email or text the receipt.


Once you're ready to close the invoice, apply their credit to pay for the invoice.


With regards to your second follow-up question, It depends if the hardware accepts or supports EMV connection. While we can't specifically recommend a card reader, I would suggest reaching out to our support team for QuickBooks Payments for more information about this. 


Please go to this article to get their contact details: Contact Payments or Point of Sale Support.



As usual, please don't hesitate to contact us if you require assistance when processing payments and working in QBO. Our forum is accessible and prepared to provide guidance and support whenever you need it.

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Card Reader Options for Quickbooks Online

There is no way to use quickbooks online with a desktop or laptop and use anything other than a card swiper.  Why Quickbooks does not allow to use the regular card reader that they sell with chip reader is beyond me.


I too would like to use Quickbooks online with the credit card reader that Quickbooks GoPayments uses, but I can't.


So I  do not use Gopayments anymore because I cannot add any customer information except the customer name and emal when, and then it dosen't even save the email address I sent the receipt to.  using Go Payments.  The only way I can add all customer information ( address, phone number, email address or anything else I feel is important) is using Quickbooks Online.  

The only answer I get from Quickbooks GoPayment is, after I run the transaction open up Quickbooks online and add the customer info that way. (what a waste of time)

The problem is I don't carry my laptop all the time when I am in the field.  So how on earth am I able to add customer info when I am using the Quickbooks GoPayment app without literally writing it down on a piece of paper???????????????????????????? After all isn't the point of all this tech stuff to cut down and make it easier than writing down everything???


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Card Reader Options for Quickbooks Online

I have quickbooks online

I need a card reader to swipe for my customers payments

why does quickboooks not offer anything for payments thru the online system


I think they want us to key the numbers in so they can charge the higher rates




Card Reader Options for Quickbooks Online

Hello there, southfieldsigns.


I see how having this capability can help your company handle customer payments more efficiently. I'll share some insights about this.


Accepting customer payments electronically and through card swiping is one of the advantage of using QuickBooks Payments.


If you don't have a payments account linked to your QuickBooks Online (QBO) subscription, you'll not be able to access those features. You have to manually input your customer payments instead or match them to their open invoices if the bank is connected to online banking. 


With that said, you can only use card readers if you have QuickBooks Payments linked to your QBO account. To set this up, see the detailed steps in this article: Set up a card reader for QuickBooks GoPayment.


Then, to lead you in processing payments using this, refer to this guide: Process payments with the QuickBooks Card Reader.


I'll be right here in the Community if you have other questions about accepting payments using card readers. I'd be glad to provide assistance. Have a good one. 

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Card Reader Options for Quickbooks Online


Consider having a 3rd party payment processor.

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Card Reader Options for Quickbooks Online

They never listen to what you are telling them.   I was told directly by Payments that this CC reader would work with QBO.  Bought it.  It doesn't work.  Why they think it is acceptable to use my personal phone in a Dr's office to take payments is beyond me.  I'd switch to a different payment processor tomorrow, but I can't find a better rate.  So frustrating.

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Card Reader Options for Quickbooks Online

Yup, I just want to be able to plug a card reader into my computer and accept payments at my desk (you know, like how I've been doing it for the past 15 years). But starting Monday this week (April 22nd, 2024) the Payments screen in QBO has changed and the button for "Swipe Card" is now gone, effectively making my trusty Magtek reader obsolete. This has forced me to have to key in card payments all week and pay the higher rate while I wait for the QB card reader to come in. And now with QB's reader, I have to pull out my cell phone to accept payments. Not a very professional look to my customers closing out $30k+ invoices.


I'm extremely disappointed in Quickbooks for prioritizing mobile payments and leaving at-office customers out to dry. I've been a customer of Quickbooks/Quickbooks Payments for over 15 years and this is what I get?

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Card Reader Options for Quickbooks Online

all these responses don't look like a person is communicating with us.  Looks like an AI response, never really answer the question.  I have the same problem and hate it so far going from Desktop to Online.  I will definitely look for another complete solution.  Spoke to 6 different people on the chat help, no luck, just transferred to another chat helper.  never solve the problem.  who wants to make an invoice on their computer, then open and app on a different device, find the same invoice, then start to process the payment.  garbage.

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Card Reader Options for Quickbooks Online

That is absolutely true. In fact, as of February they started processing all of our swiped payments as keyed in and charged us double the rate. They refuse to do anything about it because we cannot prove to them that we did not key them in. We NEVER key in card numbers. We ALWAYS swipe them and never had this problem. I noticed our card charges went way up a few months back. They won't help and don't have other QuickBooks online card reader options. Total bull and hopefully a law suit in the pipeline. We charge out over $20K a month and this is how they treat us. Not ok.

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Card Reader Options for Quickbooks Online

This explains why our rate went up like this! I am so mad. I've spent hours on the phone with customer service the last few days trying to figure out why it shows us keying in cards when we never do and they never ever mentioned that they took away the swipe feature. It still lets us swipe. Total BS. 

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Card Reader Options for Quickbooks Online

I am in the exact same position.  You hit the nail on the head.  I literally just want to be able to plug a reader into my computer and carry on receiving payments at my desk without pulling out my cell phone.  It's crazy.

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