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QuickBooks Team

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Hello everyone!


I understand that you need to reactivate your payroll subscription. I'm joining here to help you.


We can simply update the billing info on your QuickBooks Online account to reactive your subscription. Please follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Gear icon and select Account and Settings.
  2. Select Billing & Subscription tab. In the Payroll section, select Resubscribe.
  3. Follow the on-screen steps to complete your payroll renewal.


If you're not seeing the Billing & Subscription tab, that means you don't have access to it. Make sure you have the primary admin and company admin access to the account. Otherwise, you'll want to seek help from your admin to edit it.


It could also be that your subscription is being managed by your accountant. If so, reach out to them so they can do it on your behalf.


Additionally, you can request a callback. Here's how:

  1. Click the (?) Help icon and enter Talk to a human (then type it again when prompted).
  2. When asked by the bot, enter a short description or keyword about the concern like "Payroll Subscription Renewal".
  3. Select I still need a human, then proceed with Contact us or Get help from a human.
  4. Choose Callback.


Another way to get help is by clicking this link:


I've also added some links you can check. These will show you more info on how to manage your QuickBooks Online account:


Keep on posting here if you need more help. We'll respond as soon as we can.

Stephen Allen
Level 1

Help Chat Window

Being audited.  Cannot find my 2018 941 2nd Quarter Tax Filing.  It is not in archives.  At the time,  aformer secretary took care of these filings.  Not sure how the system could have been bypassed for this tax filing if that is what happened.  Would not the missing tax payment remain on the system notifying me that it had yet to be paid?


Please advise

QuickBooks Team

Help Chat Window

I know where to find your previous 941 2nd Quarter form, @Stephen Allen.


As long as these forms were archived, you can retrieve them in QuickBooks Online.


Here's how:

  1. Click the Taxes tab on the left panel.
  2. Select Payroll Tax.
  3. Go to the Forms column, and then click the View Archived Forms link below the Quarterly Forms section.
  4. From the list of archived forms, find the ones from 2018-2019.
  5. Click the 941 link on the far right.
  6. Click the View button on the next page.


If you don't see these forms, please give us a call. We'll help you access them for your reference.


Here's how:

  1. Click Help (?) on the upper right-hand corner.
  2. Click the Contact us button.
  3. Enter talk to a human and then type your concern like 2018 941 2nd Quarter tax form.
  4. Select I still need a human and then choose Get help from a human.
  5. From the given contact options, scroll down and click Have us call you to get a call or Chat with us to message support.


However, if these forms were paid and filed outside the system, you can record the 941 prior tax payment and call our Payroll Support team to assist you archive this form.


Please let me know if you need anything else with finding your prior tax payments and forms. I'll be right here to help you further.

Level 1

Help Chat Window

I was wondering can you guys process my payment on today


Help Chat Window

Hi @1Taylor1,


We want to help you with your concern about processing your payment. However, we need more information about it to provide the right resolution and to get this sorted out promptly.


Can you share with me more details about the payment you're referring to? Any info you can provide will help us provide a much more accurate resolution.


In the meantime, you can check the following article about how to move data to QBO after approving timesheets: Export QuickBooks Time timesheet data to QuickBooks Online.


Please know that you're always welcome to post any questions you have in this space. Have a great day ahead.

Level 1

Help Chat Window



Level 1

Help Chat Window

I need help


QuickBooks Team

Help Chat Window

Hello, joekeler.

I'll make sure that we'll be able to assist you.

May I know if what kind of help do you need or can you provide any errors that you encounter. For that, we can help and provide a resolution to your concern.

Don't hesitate to reply to this thread with your concern. We're always here to help.

Level 1

Help Chat Window

I purchased a new version of quickbooks on March 20 2021 and accidentally paid twice. I would a refund for one of the payments

QuickBooks Team

Help Chat Window

Hello there, @bulldog71.


You've got me here to ensure that your refund concern gets addressed. Let me get you pointed in the right direction.


Refund inquiries are best handled by our Customer Care Team. They have the tools to check on your account and process this matter for you.


You can get in touch with them by following these steps:

  1. Click on Help at the top menu bar.
  2. Select on the Contact Us button.
  3. Enter a brief description of the issue in the What can we help you with? box.
  4. Press on Let's talk.
  5. Select on Get a callback.
  6. Key in your contact details, then tap on Confirm my call.

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In addition, I have here a link that you can visit to give you more information on how to utilize QBO and how works: Get started with QuickBooks Online.


I'm just a few clicks away if there's anything else you need with QuickBooks. I'll ensure you're all set. Wishing you all the best in everything that you do.

Level 1

Help Chat Window

On 3/20/2021 I purchased the latest version of quickbooks. I must have clicked the purchase twice and consequently bought two updates .I have been billed 670.00 My payment number is P1-62984754. I would like to be reimbursed for one  

QuickBooks Team

Help Chat Window

Thanks for joining this thread and for sharing your concern about the purchase, bulldog71.


Let me route you to the right support team that currently handles billing issues. While I can provide steps and articles to certain questions, I'm unable to process a reimbursement here in the Community forum. 


You need to contact our QuickBooks Desktop Live Support Team for this. Let me show you how:


  1. Open QuickBooks.
  2. Go to Help, then select QuickBooks Desktop Help.
  3. Select Contact Us.
  4. Give a brief description of your issue, then select Let's talk, and then choose a way to connect.


If you don't see the option to contact us on the Help menu, you'll want to check the display settings in QuickBooks Desktop.


You can also get in touch with them outside of QuickBooks. Simply use this link: Contact Us.


Keep me posted on how the contact goes by commenting below. I'll be around whenever you need additional information about the purchase.

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