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Live Chat is crap.  There is no live chat.  It's just an auto program that keeps sending you to worthless information. I've been trying to add a new employee for a week now and still can't get it to work.  I've had nothing but problems since change from TSheets to Time.  I think they changed the name to Time because it's time for me to look else where.  I don't have time to sit here on the phone waiting or typing this message.

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Live Chat

Good morning, @martens2003mcd. Thank you for coming to the Community with your issue. I'm happy to look into this with you.


At times when there's a longer wait time than usual, the chatbot tries to suggest articles or ask probing questions while you wait. This is to help the support agent once you're connected. I completely understand that your time is valuable though, so I'm committed to helping you as much as I can here.


The first thing I'd like to know is if your QuickBooks Time account is connected to QuickBooks Online or Desktop? If it is, are you adding the employee in those products and then syncing them over to QB Time? 


Let's also have you check for any other profiles of that employee that may exist or one that has the same email. Maybe a vendor profile or a duplicate profile. That can prevent the new profile from syncing over.


And lastly, any screenshots or error messages you're getting are a huge help as well.


Thank you for your time and I look forward to hearing back from you!


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Hello @martens2003mcd ! I just wanted to follow up and ask if you got help with your employee? Let me know, I'm happy to help!

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100 percent identified Time sucks. Tsheets was so good, quick, reliable, and trustworthy. I am adding my 4 employees and the same BS. I just can't stand it anymore. I am looking for other track time up. This is ridiculuos. 

Tori B
QuickBooks Team

Live Chat

Hey there, @carlazenis


Thanks for following the thread and sharing your concerns. Please know that it's our goal to get you back business every step of the way. 


I went ahead and checked out your account. I didn't find any reason or errors that would block you from adding employees. With that being said, could you provide a little more details about what happens when you try adding employees? Are you getting an error? Would you mind sharing a screenshot? 


On the other hand, while checking your account, I did discover an error message for an employee's payroll items. To resolve this, let's re-sync the payroll items. I've included the steps below. 



First, let's have you run an import from QB Time.

  1. Log in to QuickBooks Online as admin.
  2. Go to the Employee's profile and click on the edit pencil
  3. Reassign that employee different pay item(s) in their profile. Save.
  4. Afterward, assign the correct one(s) back to them and save.

This will prompt the integration to realize a change was made and it needs to re-sync those fields. 


Once you're finished, it's important to run another import within QB Time like before and those payroll items should map.


In the end, check the Payroll Items Mapping Tool to see those pay items. Then you should be able to successfully export their time.


I'll be sure to keep an eye out for your response and look forward to chatting with you soon. Take care and have a wonderful day! 


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I signed up for quick books on line on 2/9/2022, after much discussion, work and talking with our CPA and owners we have decided this will not work for us.

we started downloading the trial and with limited WiFi and other reasons we cannot continue with the online program.


Barbara N

invoice #10001141644555 dated 2/9/2022

total $26.45

payment method Discover #



please cancel me out of the online program, I will continue my desktop pro 2018.

thank you

Please respond to me

[email address removed]


Live Chat

Thanks for joining this thread, jtban.

You can cancel your QuickBooks Online subscription while signed in.

Here's how:

  1. Sign in as an admin.
  2. Use the Gear (⚙️) icon, then go to Account and settings.
  3. Access your Billing & Subscription tab. If you don't see this area in your available tabs, it means you subscribed through a mobile app store. You'll need to cancel it in the appropriate store.
  4. In your QuickBooks section, click Cancel subscription or Cancel online. In the event you're canceling a trial, select Cancel trial.
  5. Follow your onscreen steps.


If you're having trouble cancelling a subscription and would prefer to work with our Customer Care team, you can get in touch with them while you're signed in. They'll be able to pull up the account in a secure environment and assist you with cancelation.


Please don't hesitate to send a reply if there's any questions. Have a lovely day!

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My QB has reached the exoiry date, an you help me to extend


Live Chat

Hello there, Ledgers26.


I've got you covered on extending the subscription of your QuickBooks.


Ideally, you should be prompted to resubscribe as soon as you sign into the QuickBooks Online company. If not, you may follow these steps:


  1. From the Gear icon, select Account and settings.
  2. Go to the Billing & Subscription tab.
  3. Click Resubscribe and enter the updated billing information.
  4. Select Subscribe.


If you have a QuickBooks payroll subscription and you want to resubscribe, you can check this reference: Reactivate your QuickBooks Payroll subscription.


That should do it, Ledgers26. I'll be around if you have other QuickBooks concerns. I've got your back!

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What if I can’t login to quick books. It says my sub is expired so I go to resub and it says I already have a subscription. It won’t let me past that screen to sign in. 

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Quickbook is no help

QuickBooks Team

Live Chat

Hello, @Lbrand.


Do you mind sharing what help do you need? I have all of the resources necessary to handle QuickBooks issues from right here. You can leave a reply below and I'll be more than happy to lend a hand.

Thanks for coming to the Community, I look forward to hearing from you again.

Fiat Lux - ASIA
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Any specific concern?

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Curently i am using sandbox account for testing what is version on sandbox

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I have subscribing problems  

QuickBooks Team
QuickBooks Team

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Let me help you subscript to QuickBooks Time, Nasratullah.


If you are trying to set up your QuickBooks Time account, just follow the steps below: 


  1.  Go to Apps in QuickBooks Online,
  2. Search for “QuickBooks Time” and select Launch.
  3. Choose if you’d like QuickBooks Time Premium or Elite, then add it to your subscription now, or start a 30-day free trial.


Then, you can begin the setup by going to the Time tab and then Launch QuickBooks Time. Then, the information from QuickBooks Online will automatically transfer to your QuickBooks Time account. Then, proceed to Step 2 in this article until you finish the process: Set up your QuickBooks Time account in QuickBooks Online or QuickBooks Online Payroll.


I've got some articles for you to read through to learn more about QuickBooks Time:


You may also read this reference for features to work with while using the app: Time Tracking, Scheduling, and Reporting with QuickBooks Time. In this reference, you're able to read subtopics that will describe how a feature is used and how to accomplish tasks related to its functions.


Anything else you need help with accessing your QuickBooks Time can be answered in the Community. Stay safe and have a good one.

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Hi I am the company adminstrator for a quickbooks online account I would like to add my accountant but there is no accounting firm option in my quickbooks. I have quickbooks plus. She plans to undo some reconciliation but was not able to do so because her access have no undo button.

Fiat Lux - ASIA
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Which QBO region do you have? Another option, how much does your monthly subscription cost?


Live Chat

Hello there, @accountant46. I'm here to ensure you'll be able to undo the reconciliation of your account in QuickBooks Online (QBO) seamlessly. 


To begin, could you tell me what QBO region you're using? Currently, the option to add an accountant in QBO global regions is unavailable. This may be the reason why you can't see the Accounting firms option. That said, you can only undo the reconciliation of your account manually. 


However, if you're using the QBO Plus US version and you're unable to see the Accounting firms tab. We can perform some troubleshooting steps to resolve this. 


Let's start by opening your QBO account in incognito mode. This is a private browser that does not store a cache and will give you a clean slate to prevent issues. Below are the shortcut keys that you can use:


  • Google Chrome: Press CTRL + Shift + N.
  • Safari: Press Command + Shift + N.
  • Microsoft Edge: Press CTRL + Shift + N.
  • Mozilla Firefox: Press CTRL + Shift + P.


Once signed in, go to the Manage users menu to check if you can now see the option. If this works, I recommend clearing the cache of your regular browser to eliminate the piled-up cache. This is a component of your browser that speeds up the loading process but sometimes gets corrupted resulting in odd behaviors when accessing the program. If the same thing happens, I suggest using another supported browser or device to open your account.


When the accountant is added, they can now start to manage your company file


I'd love to know how this goes. I'd appreciate any details you can provide. If you have any other concerns about undoing a reconciliation, feel free to post again here. I'm always around and ready to help. Have a good one and keep safe.

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Incognito doesnt work, One question though if I undo reconciliation manually can I reconcile it again thru the reconciliation button?





QuickBooks Team
QuickBooks Team

Live Chat

Thanks for coming back. Let me help you share some insights about reconciling your account in QuickBooks Online (QBO), accountant46.


I appreciate you for performing the recommended solutions provided by my colleague to get this sorted out. If you are trying to access QBO with more than one browser tab simultaneously, here's the correct way to work in more than one tab:


  1. While signing in to QuickBooks Online in one tab, go to the browser address bar. 
  2. Highlight then copy the entire web address.
  3. Open a new browser tab.
  4. Paste the web address into the new tab then press Enter. The home page of your company will now load in the new tab.


Then, try inviting your accountant to review your books in QBO again. If you reconciled a transaction by mistake, we can remove individual transactions from the reconciliation. Then, reconcile them back to get a new report. Keep in mind, even small changes can unbalance your accounts. To minimize the impact, we can only unreconciled one transaction at a time. If you need to completely start over, I'd suggest reaching out to your accountant since they have a tool to undo everything in one go.


Unreconciling your transactions mean replacing the (reconciled) mark with (cleared) or blank. You'll want to do this to all transactions within the period covered in the report. When you know which transaction you need to change, here's how to edit and unreconciled the transaction:


  1. Go to the Accounting menu, then select Chart of Accounts under Your Company
  2. Select the account you're working on, and click on View Register.
  3. Choose the transactions you want to unreconcile.
  4. Keep on clicking the status until it shows blank or cleared (C).
  5. Click Save.
  6. Close the account register.


Here's an article you can refer to for more details about undoing and removing transactions from reconciliations in QuickBooks Online. If you encounter any issues while reconciling, you can check out this article to learn about fixing it: Fix issues at the end of reconciliation in QuickBooks Online


Feel free to check out this article for more information about the reconciliation workflow: Learn the reconciliation workflow in QuickBooks.


You can always update us after performing the steps as I want to ensure this is resolved for you. I'll be standing by for your response. Have a great day and keep safe.

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How can I change the master admin in quickbooks - the master admin has already resigned and there's no contact with him anymore? 
We created a new account, how can we unsubscribe from our old account since we cannot do anything there again due to the master admin has already resigned and we cannot modify the account since we would be needing an access from his email and phone number

Live Chat

Hi there, @patriciab,

I appreciate you giving out details of your concern about your QuickBooks Online (QBO) account. Let me share some insights on how to change the primary admin, and cancel your old account.

If the primary admin is unavailable to transfer the role, it's okay. You can send a request to our account protection team. They can change it for you.

Here's what to do:

  1. Gather documents for your request.
  2. Then sign in to your email.
  3. Complete the form.
  4. And lastly, look for our reply and possible next steps.

For detailed steps, please visit: Request to be the primary admin or contact.

I understand how you needed to cancel your old account subscription due to some circumstances. I'd be glad to guide you on how.

When canceling an account, it depends on where you signed up for your subscription. If you happen to purchase directly from Intuit, you can follow these steps:

  1. Open a web browser on your computer.
  2. Sign in to QBO as an admin user.
  3. Go to the Gear icon, then select Account and settings.
  4. Click the Billing & Subscription.
  5. In the QuickBooks section, select Cancel subscription or Cancel online
  6. Follow the onscreen steps.

For more information, please refer to: Cancel your QuickBooks Online subscription or trial

You can also visit our general help topics page to view other articles and guides.

Should you need further assistance with your QBO account, don't hesitate to leave a reply. I'm here to help anytime. Have a good one!

Fiat Lux - ASIA
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