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Important Questions 14 Small Biz Owners Have for Other Small Biz Owners



There is no better resource for a business owner than another business owner. These are some of the questions your peers are asking about running and growing their businesses. Do you have answers to any of these questions? Great! Do you have questions in need of an answer? Also great! Tell us in the comments below.






Stacia Guzzo, owner of The Handcrafted Honeybee, natural skincare products:

A couple of my biggest goals for the business are to grow my social media followers and build my email list. Does anyone here have tips on how to find the right people to target for my products? I’d love to hear them!”




David Minnery, owner of Manzanita Kids, wooden baby toys:

“When I have the choice of sitting at a computer or making things in my shop, I always choose the shop. However, this leaves a gap in our marketing. I currently spend roughly 30 minutes a day on social media, but I'm wondering if I should be spending more time on it?”




Sarah Petkus, owner of Nest and Burrow Prints and Gifts:

“I’d love to know how other small business owners came into contact with well-known magazines and blogs and have their products featured as a result. Should I reach out or wait to be contacted? And, if I do reach out, what do I say?”


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Jake Baggaley, owner of Jake Baggaley Wedding Photography:

I would love any suggestions on how to get my work seen by more clients worldwide. Weddings held abroad are always so exciting and rewarding, and I’d love any advice or suggestions on how to extend my customer base!”




Sara Giuffrida, co-owner of Dru Bru, brewery and restaurant:

I would love to know how other small business owners learn about new opportunities to reach their customers. I feel that we've saturated the beer world, including forums and events, but we want to branch out and tap into other markets like outdoor enthusiasts and concert-goers. I want to know where other businesses get the information that helps them reach new customers.”


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Jeff Langevin, owner of Jeff Langevin Art & Design:

I want to learn how I can be more proactive about building a successful business, especially in areas where I'm weak — such as tax issues, efficiency, organization and other more management-type things. I want to learn more about the nitty gritty of running a business, not the actual part about what and how I sell my art.”




Jamie Kaczmarczyk, owner of Kolorize, laser cut signs:

“I’d like to know some basic ways to use Google Analytics or social media analytics and then learn how to apply the results to my business. I know that some people out there are super knowledgeable about these things and I’d love to find out more!”




Celeste Ruberti, owner Truth Serum, hair care products:

“I would like to learn more about things like negotiating contracts with buyers and how to scale up when I'm ready to take my product to market. What are your best tips for negotiating contracts? How should I think about scale when I'm just starting out — and want to get my product into the hands of as many people as possible who will benefit from using it?”


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Jenny Wong-Stanley, owner of Art of Plants, handmade wooden planters:

”I’d love to know how other people who handcraft their products balance their lives. If I want to free up some time to spend with my family, is raising prices my only option?”




Kristin Perks, owner of OldSchoolSwank, an online vintage apparel and home goods shop:

“I would most like to learn more about the behind-the-scenes, day-to-day life of someone who is also running a small business, with a special focus on time management. I’d like to hear how other self-employed professionals who work from home separate their work and home lives effectively, especially those with children.”




Lyss Aviles, owner of The Lovely Lyss, art and design:

I would love to learn how others are pricing their services and hear about how they're working smarter, not harder!”


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Vana Chupp, owner of Le Papier Studio, fine stationery:

“Even though I don’t ever see this business employing 100 people, I’d like to prepare myself for every eventuality. Can anyone here recommend any good books or resources on growing my staff and managing more people? What are the risks and how can I be prepared for surprises that may come along?”




Erin & Nate Moren, owners of Tandem Made, handcrafted furniture:

“We would love to understand business growth better and know what our options are. Hiring an employee is intimidating, but maybe there are there other steps we could take?”


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QB Community members, what do you want to ask your peers about running a business? Have any answers for the above questions? Do share!


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Level 7

Important Questions 14 Small Biz Owners Have for Other Small Biz Owners

I think it's safe to say that most small business owners will ask ALL of these questions at some point or other. It's easy to look over at a someone in their third or fourth year in business and think, "Wow, this person really has their stuff together!" But it's not about how much they knew starting out, it's about how much they've learned along the way. 


@Weddingsandmore@not2impressed@gr8nola@lflo@CMA - does any one of these questions ring especially true for you? How would you answer at this point in your business journey?

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