Mileage Rate: Standard Mileage vs. Actual Expenses

Here's a simple and easy guide to mileage rates to evaluate which method provides the biggest mileage deduction for you.

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Mileage Tracking

Self-Employed Drivers: How to Make the Most of Your Mileage Deductions

Whether you're an Uber driver or truck driver, use your mileage log and the IRS's self-employed mileage deduction to your advantage.


Business Mileage Demystified: Save More Money Now

Keeping diligent records of work-related mileage could mean hundreds or thousands of dollars in savings a year for self-employed and small b


What is Mileage Tracking?

Mileage tracking refers to keeping a log of miles driven for tax deduction or reimbursement purposes. The 2016 standard mileage rate is 54 c


Important Elements of an IRS Mileage Log

Capture the essential IRS mileage information with a smartphone app. When you're offline, use this free printable mileage log that you keep

Mileage Tracking

Mileage Rates: What Counts and How Much Can I Deduct?

Are you deducting all the business expenses you can? Managing mileage rate details can can be confusing, but we've broken down what you need

Real Estate

Mileage Deductions for Real Estate Agents

If you're a self-employed real estate agent, don't miss the business-related tax deductions you can take advantage of—learn what you shoul

Mileage Tracking

Who Needs to Track Their Mileage?

You can gain an easy tax break by claiming your mileage, but you need to first learn the restrictions on what type of mileage qualifies for