Untangle your inventory right inside QuickBooks

Take stock of your inventory


Search for items across multiple locations by bin location, barcode, serial number, or lot number and set reorder points so you know when to order more.

Manage your inventory in real-time


Every invoice, sales order, and purchase order automatically updates your inventory. If your stock moves from one location to another, you can transfer it in QuickBooks too.

Stay stocked up with less data entry


Status reports show you which items you need to reorder and simply click once to auto-create all outstanding purchase orders.

See the big picture and keep an eye on the details

Price your inventory properly

Flexible prices can make a big impact


You can handle your inventory as well as how that inventory is priced right in QuickBooks. Provide quantity discounts to valuable customers or schedule promotions to drive sales with the Advanced Pricing add-on.


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