Put your financials together, all in one place

Your manufacturing business can run like a well-oiled machine with powerful tools made to help keep your books in order.

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Streamlined inventory starts here

Untangle your inventory

  • Control the entire sales order fulfillment process from one central dashboard
  • Assign an order to be picked, packed, and shipped in the click of a button, and use mobile barcode scanning to send sales orders to workers, reduce errors, and speed up the process
  • Easily scan and automatically upload inventory counts from different warehouses to get a real-time inventory count
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Get a handle on your orders

  • See details on which customers have ordered a product, or view open purchase orders placed with vendors
  • Gain more visibility into your purchase orders, see which ones are outstanding, and assign receivers directly in QuickBooks Enterprise
  • See all open sales orders on one screen and allow for partial order shipments
  • Easily view backordered items on purchase orders, invoices, and other sales forms
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Price your inventory properly

  • Determine actual product costs by factoring in freight, duties, insurance, and other miscellaneous costs by quantity, value weight, or volume
  • Get instant visibility into vendor contact, item, and pricing information
  • Control, customize, and automate your item and pricing information right in QuickBooks Enterprise with Advanced Pricing. Set the price rules and let calculations run automatically—no manual entry required
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Stay on top of inventory tracking

First-in, first-out (FIFO) or average costing

Get the flexibility to track inventory your way. Use FIFO or average costing and switch between the two methods at any time.

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Key reports for your manufacturing business

Inventory valuation summary

See how much you have on hand, the cost, and the sales price.

Inventory stock status 
by item

View available inventory, what’s on sales order, and what’s ready for assembly.

Assembly shortage 
by item

Determine what inventory you need to order for assemblies, and the next delivery date.

Profitability by product

Analyze the profitability of your products to know what is and isn’t working.

See what QuickBooks Enterprise customers are saying

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We started with QuickBooks Pro and had a demonstration on QuickBooks Enterprise. They took us through the platform, and we saw how beneficial it is to our business.
Falcon Machining & Fabrication: Devi Bhullar, Office Manager & Nav Bhullar, Director of Operations
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Our decision to upgrade to QuickBooks Enterprise was the natural next step for our business.
Party Rock – Cathy Siegel, Owner, Party Rock

Customize your Enterprise package

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Seamlessly integrate with a world of apps

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Fishbowl Inventory Management

Experience true inventory control with the #1 inventory management software for warehouse management.

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Reduce inventory costs, eliminate purchasing errors, improve production efficiency, and more with software designed for small- to medium-sized businesses.

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