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QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise for manufacturing & wholesale

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Flexible accounting software that does the heavy lifting

  • Expanded user access (5-30 users)
  • Multi-location item tracking
  • Track by serial number, lot number or bin location
  • Manage inventory, manufacturing assemblies, and shipping information all in one place
  • Create estimates, invoices and sales orders
  • Transfer items between locations within QuickBooks
  • Manage multiple currencies
  • Customize price levels
  • Get the support you need

Get the most out of your inventory

Key reports for manufacturing and wholesale

Inventory valuation summary

View how much you have on hand, what the cost is, and sales price.

Inventory stock status by item

See what inventory you have available, on sales order and ready for assembly.

Assembly shortage by item

See what inventory you need to order for assemblies, and when the next delivery date is.

Profitability by product

Analyze and assess the profitability of your products to determine what’s working and what’s not.

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Price your inventory properly

Small pricing changes can make a big impact

Drive sales by scheduling promotions or reward your best customers with quantity discounts. The Advanced Pricing add-on allows you to set up dynamic price levels that keep your bottom line healthy.

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Real Businesses. Real Stories.

Manufacturing and wholesale grew revenue by 600%

Xenex Healthcare Services is a manufacturing and wholesale business that grew revenue by 600% without adding a new supply chain or financial staff.

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“When I started managing the buying I realized that there was a lot of fluctuation in terms of pricing from the vendors without notice. Now that we use QuickBooks Enterprise to track our inventory and purchasing, we’ve experienced a lot of savings this way and found consistency in the pricing.”
P. Sandhu, Director of Business Development, Samosa and Sweet Factory