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Outstanding Check Report

I know how to run a report that shows the outstanding checks, however is it possible to get a dollar amount total of outstanding checks?

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Outstanding Check Report



If you have QBO Essentials or QBO Pro (Not SimpleStart), you can run a Quick Report on your bank account and filter it to only show uncleared checks.  It will display a total at the bottom.

(picture below)


QuickBooks Team

Outstanding Check Report

I'm glad to have you in the Community, skeaton. 


QuickBooks Online has different reports you can use depending on your business needs. It's good you're able to run and identify which report to use for the outstanding checks. 


MJA66-87 provided a helpful answer above. Allow me to add up some information about it.


If you've used the Check Detail or Deposit Detail reports, they won't generally show the total amount of the transactions. They will only provide the details of each check created in the program. 


As what MJA66-87 mentioned above, you'll want to run and customize your Bank Account QuickReport instead. This will give you the total amount of all your outstanding checks. 


Here are additional steps to guide you through:


  1. Go to Accounting in the left panel, then Chart of Accounts
  2. Choose the Bank account you usually use to process checks. 
  3. Select Run report from the View Register drop-down.
  4. Pick the dates you need in the Report period field.
  5. Click Customize at the upper right corner. 
  6. Expand the Filter section. 
  7. Choose Check, Bill Payment (Check), and Liability Payment (Check) in the Transaction Type drop-down. 
  8. Select whether you want to see all Cleared, Uncleared, or both from the Cleared drop-down. 
  9. Click Run Report

For future reference, bookmark this article on your browser:


How to create a report for all uncleared checks


That should do it! You should now see the total amount at the bottom part of the report. If you wish to save a copy of it on your computer, export it to an Excel file. You'll also want to print it by clicking the Print icon (see screenshot below). 


Your success is our top goal. Please don't hesitate to join us again here if you have QuickBooks concerns in the future. You can also post a response below if you have other questions about the process. I'll be around!


Have a great day!



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