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Credit Card Transactions

Hi all,


I just signed up and have never asked a question here before (though I've been reading Q&A here for months, and everyone is so helpful!).


I'm finding recording Credit Cards so confusing and I'm hoping someone might be willing to clear a few things up for me. This is in QBO.


It seems like there are a few ways to record Credit Card payments and things, and I'm not sure which ones to use, which ones can be used together, etc... I'm also confused about Credit Card interest and paying down debt from them, etc...


It seems simplest if you've got your bank feeds connected and do an electronic transfer from Checking to Credit Card. Then you simply match and you're done.


But if you pay by a check, what I'm reading online says that you're supposed to record the check as an "expense" paid to the Credit Card as a "vendor." Is this compatible with, then, matching that transaction once it comes through the bank feeds? It seems like it wouldn't be, because you have your Credit Card as a "bank account" on the one hand, and as a "vendor" on the other hand. It seems like you could choose only one or the other and like it would mess up the books pretty badly and double up on everything?


What if you write a check to pay your Credit Card and manually record it in QBO, and then it also comes through the bank feed? This gives you the manually-entered check entry, plus the bank feed check entry (same thing) and then the Credit Card entry when the money finally arrives in the Credit Card account. Can I match the 2 check entries, and then match the 'combined' check entry with the Credit Card payment?


So looks like I can enter Credit Card payments using "transfer/match" as well as "check," presumably "cash" payment methods, have the Credit Card be either "bank" or "vendor." I'm so confused.


Additionally, from what I read, you're not supposed to use "bills/bill payments" for Credit Card transactions. Am I not supposed to enter this as a bill? What if a client gets a Credit Card bill in the mail? And they don't have bank feeds set up?


Lastly, what if they have a lot of Credit Card debt and compounding interest? How is that recorded?


I'm sorry for the length of this post, I'm just so, so confused. :(


Credit Card Transactions

Hello there, Ralphthefluffycat,


Thank you for the detailed post. This will help me answer your questions efficiently as you have broken it down.


There's two transaction involved in credit card transaction, one is the item you paid for, the other is the transaction for the cc payment. You can match the transactions if it's in the bank register. The bank side paying the credit card, and the credit card side which handles the charges. The transactions will be matched as long as both is in the register. As for the payee field, you can just leave it blank.


Furthermore, transfer from bank to cc is the process of paying your credit card account. Also, if you don't have bank feeds setup, you can use Accounts Payable to record the transactions.


Lastly, about the credit card debt and interest, you can use expense or the interest you see on the reconciliation page.


Here's an article for more information: Record credit card payments.


Let me know if you got additional questions.

Level 1

Credit Card Transactions

I appreciate you being very polite, but you should have written so so so so so so so so so so confused :(


This is ridiculous.

I have been googling and reading for HOURS. There are about 15 different ways I've found to potentially record a payment. Thanks for all the options!!!!

Why for the love of all that is good in the world, is there not a clear, definitive guide to the correct, simple way to record a bank transaction as a credit card payment, to a credit card that has been added to QBO?!?!


Is it New>Pay down credit card, or categorize the payment as a transfer in the cc account? Or the bank account? Wait but there's also the new categorize as credit card payment button that does not appear to be addressed anywhere on the entire internet.

Just. Intuit. Please. Create. A. Definitive. Guide.


Thanks, if anyone could help me not bang my head against this wall for the rest of the day I'd appreciate it.

QuickBooks Team

Credit Card Transactions

I can clarify things out for you, whiles.


Yes, you're right that there are multiple ways to record credit card payments in QuickBooks Online. One of them is by using the Pay down credit card feature. If you use this function, you're manually entering the expense to QuickBooks.


If you don't want to use the Pay down credit card option, you can connect your credit card for online banking


You can refer again to this article for additional information: Record your payments to credit cards.


Keep me posted if you have follow-up questions by commenting below. I'll be right here to help you.

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