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Payroll is not taking taxes out of payroll check?

QuickBooks Team

Payroll is not taking taxes out of payroll check?

I'll share some information about why payroll taxes are not deducting from your paychecks, @vandervoort1976.


There are various reasons why payroll taxes aren't calculating. Among these are:


  • The total annual salary exceeds the salary limit.
  • The gross wages of the employee's last payroll are too low.
  • Your payroll tax table is outdated.


Let's make sure your QuickBooks is in the latest version as well as your tax table. You can also review the employee's tax setup since it affects how QuickBooks calculates it.


Once done, please revert your employee's paycheck. This refreshes your payroll information to calculate the taxes on the transaction.


Here's how:


  1. Open your employee's Payroll Information.
  2. Right-click the name of your employee which is highlighted in yellow. 
  3. Select Revert Paycheck


Additionally, you can check out these articles for more troubleshooting solutions when payroll taxes are not withholding:



Feel free to reply to this post if you need a hand with running employees' payroll reports. I'll be here to help.

QuickBooks Team

Payroll is not taking taxes out of payroll check?

Hi Customer, @vandervoort1976.

Hope you’re doing great. I wanted to see how everything is going about the paycheck taxes issue you had yesterday. Was it resolved? Do you need any additional help or clarification? If you do, just let me know. I’d be happy to help you at anytime.

Looking forward to your reply. Have a pleasant day ahead!

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