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Unable to connect message displays when using the GoPayment app on mobile device

These are possible errors you may encounter if your mobile device does not have a stable internet connection:

Sign In Failed. Unable to connect. Ensure you have signal, click OK and try again.

Charge Failed. Unable to connect. Ensure you have signal and retry.

Unfortunately, the GoPayment app does not currently have a way you can store transaction or cardholder information offline so that you can submit your transaction(s) at a later time. However, we would love to hear from you!  Vote for the Mobile Payments Offline feature by signing into to the online service center and clicking on the Feedback link towards the top.

Take note of the following:

Airplane Mode Active - Ensure the mobile device is not in Airplane mode which will disable network connections. If needed, contact the mobile device provider for the specific steps on how to access the Airplane Mode feature.
WiFi Connection - If WiFi is activated on the mobile device, ensure it is connected to a reliable source. It is common for a mobile device to hunt for another WiFi connection if the current connection is weak or lost which can cause this problem. Ensure you have a strong connection to a reliable, unrestricted WiFi source otherwise turn off WiFi and use the mobile device's cellular network connection.
Poor Connection or Signal - Try moving to another location where you can get a better signal. You may click on the Retry button once you regain internet access. Please contact your mobile service provider to further troubleshoot your internet connection or data plan. Also try accessing the web based version of gopayment ( using the phone's web browser. This will help determine if it's an issue with the application or the device itself. Occasionally rebooting the device will help connectivity or signal.
GoPayment Application Corrupted - Due to the nature of mobile device applications and the intermittent connections they may have at times, something may have occurred that damaged the GoPayment installation or its update. Completely uninstalling GoPayment and reinstalling will solve this problem.

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