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QuickBooks Online Login keeps looping back to prompt

Hi there,


My coworkers are trying to sign into QuickBooks Online, but when they enter their usual login, i.e. password and 2FA, they are looped back to the original sign-in prompt as if they never even logged into QBO in the first place, and asks them again for their credentials. This has happened twice thus far and has impacted all users of the account at once, including my administrative account. It resolved itself after a few hours on the first instance, but has happened again recently. I have guided them through the following steps (which I have also tried for myself, to no avail)


1. Clearing history, cache, and cookies

2. Using Incognito/Private Mode

3. Using a different browser

4. Restarting the computer

5. Using the QBO Desktop client

6. Using different computers


Any help is appreciated.

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QuickBooks Team

QuickBooks Online Login keeps looping back to prompt

Let's make sure that this gets sorted out and I'm here to help you log in, chromologicIT.


It seems that you've already done a series of troubleshooting steps to fix the issue. We appreciate your patience in trying all the possible solutions.


We didn't receive reports about being looped back to the original sign-in prompt. I recommend contacting our support team to help you check if there are also other users who are experiencing the same. This way, they can investigate this further. Also, they have the tools to pull up your account in a secure environment.


Here's how to reach them:

  1. Open QuickBooks.
  2. Go to Help, then select QuickBooks Online.
  3. Select Contact Us.
  4. Give a brief description of your issue, then select Let's talk, and then choose a way to connect.

I've included these help articles that you visit in case you have few questions about QuickBooks Online.


Feel free to let me know if you need anything else about accessing your QuickBooks account. I'll just be one post away if you need further assistance. 

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QuickBooks Online Login keeps looping back to prompt

My team is experiencing the exact same issue and it continues to happen.  You can't get help because you can't login but for some reason "they" keep asking you to log in and click on "help".  I'm completely frustrated with this situation and would like resolution.



cleared our cache

used a different log in URL per help

changed our passwords

used all the varied browsers and the browsers incognito

restarted our machines

updated windows


If you call the 800 help number and press the option for log in issues, they tell you to login to get help.  Completely ridiculous.


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QuickBooks Online Login keeps looping back to prompt

My team is experiencing the same exact issue.  Can't get help if you can't login.  It's ridiculous.  I've done all the fixes you listed as well with no luck.  They have had calls about this because I've spoken with them 3 times about the issue already with no permanent fix.  The only reason I'm writing in response to your inquiry is I can't get in right now and was googling to see if anyone figured it out yet.  


Intuit - can we please get some help with this issue?


QuickBooks Online Login keeps looping back to prompt

Thanks for joining this conversation, @TamraM.


Since you already performed the steps shared in this thread and the issue persists, it'll be best to contact our Phone Support team. You can utilize our QuickBooks Online (QBO) test drive and use it to reach them.


Refer to this article to access our QBO test drive: Test drive QuickBooks Online.


Once done, you can now follow the steps shared by my colleague MariaSoledadG above or refer to this article for more information: How to contact customer support.


For more insights about the 2FA, I suggest checking out this article: Verify your account with multi-factor authentication.


Please let me know how the call goes or if you have any other issues. I want to make sure everything is taken care of for you. I'm always here to help. Have a good one!

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QuickBooks Online Login keeps looping back to prompt

I already have multi-factor authentication on my account and when I pull up the test drive, the help button gives me an error message that "something went wrong - sorry we'll get it fixed as soon as we can. - try again later".   I can't get into QB's this morning so I'll spend the time that I can't work researching other accounting software programs.  


Intuit - you need to fix this issue.


QuickBooks Online Login keeps looping back to prompt

I appreciate you coming back with additional details, TamraM.


The error message you're getting can often be fixed by performing some basic troubleshooting steps. 


First, try using a private browser or incognito window. This will eliminate any browser history that may cause a glitch inside QuickBooks. You can refer to the following keyboard shortcuts below:

  • Google Chrome: Ctrl + Shift + N
  • Microsoft Edge: Ctrl + Shift + P
  • Firefox: Ctrl + Shift + P
  • Safari: Command + Shift + N

If this fixes the issue, then close out the private window and clear the cache on the regular browser. This will remove previously-stored browsing data that might have caused the issue. Otherwise, you can try other supported browsers to help narrow down the cause of this behavior.


If the error persists, I recommend contacting our QuickBooks Care Support. They can take a closer look and conduct further investigation to fix this login issue. Here's how you can reach us:


  1. Go to the Help menu at the upper right.
  2. Select Contact Us.
  3. Enter your concern.
  4. Click Let’s talk.
  5. Choose Get a callback
  6. Type in your contact info.
  7. Select Confirm my call.


You can check out this article for our most updated contact information and scheduled hours: Support hours and types.


I'll be right here if you have further questions. Keep safe and have a good one.

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QuickBooks Online Login keeps looping back to prompt

Hi Charles,


I don't think you read my post.  I have performed the following and the error still persists.  I also remind you that you can't use the help function if you can't log in and phone support directs you to "login".


- used all browsers in regular and incognito

- cleared cache for "all time"

- used different computers

- changed my password

- used various URL sign on links as directed by QB's support

- had my company's tech team spend hours helping only to tell me it's Intuit's issue

- chatted with 3 tech at intuit with no resolution

- uninstalled and reinstalled Chrome.  

- the problem comes and goes (i was able to log in all day Friday but am unable to log in this morning)

- this issue started awhile back out of the blue and I think it is tied to a recent Intuit update

- getting tired of dealing with this and think we may need to research other financial software.


Any advice now??


QuickBooks Online Login keeps looping back to prompt

I wish I could make it better, @TamraM.


Since you're still unable to log in completely, I'd recommend contacting our Customer Care Support. This time, let me show you different steps to reach them.

  1. Go to the General Contact Us page.
  2. Under What can we help you with?, select Search something else.
  3. Enter Unable to log in successfully in the  Tell us more about your question: field.
  4. Select Search.
  5. Click Message Us.

Additionally, let me also share this helpful article for the steps so you can keep your business information up-to-date: Update business and account information.


If you have any other questions, please let me know in the comments. I'll be here to help. Stay safe always!

Level 3

QuickBooks Online Login keeps looping back to prompt

Do you see how unhelpful your response is?


I can't log in! 


If I can't log in, I can't get to the "help" area you directed me to.  


Does anyone have a solution to this madness?




QuickBooks Online Login keeps looping back to prompt

This is not the experience we want you to feel, @TamraM.

To further investigate what causes the odd behavior of the software, I highly recommend reaching out to our technical support team. Since you can't log in to your QBO account, you may use our QBO test drive and access it using a private browser. Here's how:


  1. Go to this link:
  2. Then, use these keyboard shortcuts to open a private browser:

    Google Chrome: press Ctrl + Shift + N 

    Mozilla Firefox and Microsoft Edge: press Ctrl + Shift + P

    Safari: press Command + Shift + N

  3. Once logged in, click the Help icon.
  4. In case you're routed to the QB Assistant page, click Contact Us and select Talk to a human.
  5. Tap the Never mind button then tick Still need a human and Contact us again.
  6. Choose Send a message.
  7. Enter the necessary details and hit Continue.


Once connected, the representative will pull up your account and will review your previous case to check and investigate the issue. 


Another option to contact us is through the web:


  1. Go to this link:
  2. Select QuickBooks Online then Continue as guest.
  3. In the What can we help you with section, choose the Search for something else button.
  4. Hit Start a Message


Also, I've added this helpful article for your future reference in case you'll reset your QBO sign-in info: QuickBooks Online sign-in info


Keep me posted if you have any other concerns about accessing your QBO account. I'm always here to help. Have a great day ahead.

Level 3

QuickBooks Online Login keeps looping back to prompt

I used the test drive and after clearing my cache (again) I was able to get a call back.  I'm in the program now but am not confident that the steps we took fixed the issue.  We did all the same things I've done in the past.  Stay tuned.

Level 3

QuickBooks Online Login keeps looping back to prompt

Now I keep getting this message "

Your administrator has not granted you access to
QuickBooks Online Plus.

Please contact your system administrator with any questions."


So frustrating!


Candice C
QuickBooks Team

QuickBooks Online Login keeps looping back to prompt

Good Morning, @TamraM


I can see how frustrating this can be for you and your business. However, I want to ensure that you get the support you need to get this new message removed so that you're able to get back on track with your business. 


If you're not the Master Admin of the QuickBooks Online (QBO) account, then I suggest getting in touch with them so they can grant you access to the system. Clearing your browser's history would be the best way to eliminate this access error if you're the Master Admin of the account. Here's how to in Google Chrome: 


  1. Go to the three vertical dots in the top right-hand corner. 
  2. Choose History and then History again. 
  3. Hit the Clear browsing data option. 
  4. In the "Time Range" section, pick All Time
  5. Tap Clear Data


If this doesn't work, then I recommend contacting our Customer Support Team. They have more tools to help walk you through some additional steps. Doing the instructions that my colleague provided above will get you in touch with them as soon as possible. 


Once you're able to get this fixed, you should be able to get back to running your business. If you have any other questions or concerns, don't hesitate to ask. I'll always be around to help. Have a great day! 

Level 3

QuickBooks Online Login keeps looping back to prompt

NO ONE is listening:


I'm the master admin

I've cleared my cache over 80 times

I've changed my password 5 times

I've used EVERY browser

I've used different computers

I've used different WIFI's

I've logged into multiple URL's

I've set up multi-authentication

I've removed multi-authentication

I've spoken with 4 different customer service reps

I've used incognito browsers

I've updated windows

I've updated all my browsers

Sometimes it loops and other times I get a message that I have to contact my admin (which is me in case your forgot)


I am able to log in at this moment but this morning I wasn't able to log in for an hour or so and then all of a sudden I was able to log in.  


Customer service only helps me log in at that very moment but NO ONE is helping me solve the overall problem.


The ONLY pattern here is the I can't login at various times.  


QuickBooks Online Login keeps looping back to prompt

I’ve got all the information here, @TamraM.


I can certainly understand how distressing this log in situation for you since it impacts your productivity. As of the moment, there’s an investigation taking place concerning logins. Our engineers are now working on a fix.


You'll need to contact our Customer Care team again to add you to the list of affected users. That way, you’ll be notified via email once a resolution is implemented. They’re available this weekday from 6:00 until 6:00 PM PT.


You can utilize our contact features here:


  1. Use this test drive link.
  2. Click the Help icon, then go to Contact Us.
  3. Enter this statement on the box “unable to log in at various times.”
  4. Choose to Get a call.


Another way is following these steps:


  1. Go to this link.
  2. Select QuickBooks Online, then Continue as guest.
  3. Click the Search for something else button.
  4. Enter the same statement on the box and then select the Start a Message button.

In addition, you can present this investigation number INV-51655 to our support for reference. 


You might want to visit these video tutorials here to learn more about how to organize your QuickBooks account efficiently. You can select each topic listed vertically and horizontally to view them.

I appreciate your efforts and patience while we’re working on this. Please know that the Community team is always here whenever you need help. Keep safe.

Level 1

QuickBooks Online Login keeps looping back to prompt

I am having this same issue.  Whenever I enter my Username and Password the page just refreshes and then prompts me to enter my info again and again.  Does anyone know how to resolve this issue?

nick thompson
Level 1

QuickBooks Online Login keeps looping back to prompt

i had the same problem, but as of 1 minute ago, it seems to be letting us all in now.

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QuickBooks Online Login keeps looping back to prompt

Unfortunately, I am now stuck with this log on loop problem--both on the Mac desktop version, AND QBO.  Wow, there really is no viable solution here?  I've cleared my caches, etc., but that didn't seem to work for anyone else either.  Astonishing software this important has bugs like this.  I have invoices due today COB, and miss my window for this cycle if I can't get them out.  Does anyone know of a telephone number for these people?  I've been in line with the chat support for over an hour now.  Wow, just wow.

Level 1

QuickBooks Online Login keeps looping back to prompt

This is most certainly a problem on Intuit's side.  I am stuck on both the QBO side, as well as the local Mac application side.  I've tried logging in to QBO on a different computer as well and get the same loop.  The only thing that works is the iPhone app.  I first encountered this error while editing a custom style for invoices.  When I went to save the new settings, it just kicked me out and now I'm stuck in this loop.  Yikes.

Level 3

QuickBooks Online Login keeps looping back to prompt

My QBO connection also abruptly terminated.   I came to Community and sent a message to support and was advised that it is a known issue and they are working diligently to resolve.

Level 1

QuickBooks Online Login keeps looping back to prompt

I'm getting the same thing.....tried different browsers, (Chrome and Firefox), disabled anti-virus (AVG) and just a continuous login loop....i've even changed the luck


Doug Phillips

Level 2

QuickBooks Online Login keeps looping back to prompt

Same problem here. I was already logged in this morning (Sep 7, 2021), but when I tried to open another browser tab, it prompted for a login and then started the viscous login loop. I cleared my browser history, cookies, and passwords, and rebooted my PC, but that did not fix it. So I decided to wait it out, and it seems to be working for me now as of 12:10 pm pacific time, so I guess Intuit fixed it.

QuickBooks Team

QuickBooks Online Login keeps looping back to prompt

Hi there, @1984pdphillips.


Some customers are currently unable to login in to their QuickBooks Online account. We’re aware of this issue and are working to fix it. We’ll share updates as soon as we learn more. We apologize for the inconvenience and hope to get everything up and running soon!


For now, you can visit our webpage and subscribe for updates.


Feel free to message us back if you have further questions about QuickBooks. I'm always here to help. Take care!

Level 1

QuickBooks Online Login keeps looping back to prompt

Soooo, when do you plan on fixing this? Pretty simple fix if you'd let admin users assign passwords for other users.  Your support is terrible.  And please for the love of god don't tell me to clear cache or call for support.  This is a wide spread and your response times to resolve are pitiful. 

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