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Commercial Hosting

This program is designed to help independent professional data centers and remote hosting companies provide hosting services to QuickBooks users.

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When you join the Commercial Hosting Program, you'll enjoy

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Host QuickBooks software

The ability to host licensed copies of QuickBooks software

Icon of a certificate
Authorized Commercial Host logo

Making limited use of an "Intuit Authorized Commercial logo Host" on your website and in Intuit-approved collateral materials

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Technical support

Limited technical support from Intuit to the Commercial Host participant for your own QuickBooks-related questions

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Listed on Hosting Program website

A listing in the Authorized Commercial Host List on Intuit's Hosting Program web page

Hit savings goals sooner with APY
Exclusive savings

Volume license discounts

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Monthly license leasing program

Optional participation in a new monthly license leasing program

Fees are required for

  • Initiation
  • Independent accreditation
  • Ongoing program participation

Each commercial host is solely responsible for the security, privacy and availability its hosting services, and while Intuit will require a third-party accreditation for each selected host. Intuit does not endorse, certify, sponsor, or guarantee host's services.

Additionally, commercial hosts are required to have a separate written agreement with their customers that governs the customers' use of the hosting services.

To become an Intuit-Authorized Hosting company, your firm must complete an application and independent third-party accreditation. If invited to participate, you will enter into a licensing & distribution agreement with Intuit. (NOTE: Intuit does not provide instructions/guidance on how to set up or manage a secure hosting environment.)


To perform as a commercial host, you must:

  • Have a SAS-70 Type-II certified Tier 1 data center, physically located in Canada, with all hosting infrastructure and processes accredited by MSP Alliance
  • Enter into a commercial hosting agreement with Intuit
  • Pay the required initiation, monthly, and annual renewal fees, and submit basic monthly reporting corresponding to the monthly fees paid and numbers of licenses and users hosted
  • Require all customers who are QuickBooks users to enter into a separate services agreement with host directly (which governs those customers' use of the hosting services, and which contains specific, required terms and conditions related to their use of QuickBooks software).
  • Provide all QuickBooks users with ready access to their own individual QuickBooks license information
  • Provide each QuickBooks user access to only those versions and version-years of QuickBooks for which he/she supplies you with license information


Participation in the Commercial Hosting Program requires payment of the following fees, shown in Canadian dollars unless otherwise indicated:

  • An initiation fee of $5000, to be paid once you've been accepted in the program
  • An annual renewal fee of $2500
  • A per-month leasing fee of leased QuickBooks
  • A per-month fee of $5 per user (as defined in the Commercial Hosting Agreement)
  • An accreditation application fee of $3000 USD

 The accreditation application fee is a one-time non-refundable fee charged directly by MSP Alliance, an independent third-party testing company not affiliated with Intuit. It is charged for conducting the accreditation process required to become a commercial host. Payment of this fee and the accreditation process are subject to MSP Alliance's own accreditation terms and conditions. Payment of this fee does not guarantee accreditation.

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