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Intuit payments pricing schedule - Canada

1. SCOPE. This Pricing Schedule provides the rates and fees that apply to your use of card and other payment processing services (collectively, "Services"), and is part of your QuickBooks Payments terms. 

2. RATE/FEE REVIEW. Because card and payment networks generally adjust their rates and fees twice a year, we may also review our rates and fees during these times. As a result, you may experience corresponding price changes, and will be notified of same under the terms of the QuickBooks Payments terms. 

3. PRICING. Unless special promotional pricing, offers, or exclusions apply to you, the following rates and fees apply to all Services transactions:

Fee Type

Basic - Pay As You Go

Monthly Fee


Discount Rates

2.9% (keyed transactions only)

Per Transaction


EFT Bank Payments

1% (max $100 per transaction)


See Section 4 below

  • By applying for or using the Services, you will be automatically charged on a per-transaction basis at the then-current transaction fees until you cancel.
  • Additional fees (such as Chargebacks, rejection, and other miscellaneous fees) may also apply, as noted in Section 4 below.
  • Ineligible customers. Not all customers are guaranteed to be eligible for the above pricing.

4. MISCELLANEOUS FEES. The following additional fees will apply to your use of the Services and Add-On Services, where applicable:

Fee Type


Chargeback Fee

$25 plus the full chargeback amount

Card or Payment Network Penalties, Fines, and Other Fees

You are responsible for fees as a consequence of your use or misuse of the Services or your card processing activities, including without limitation under Section F.28 of the QuickBooks Payments terms

EFT/Electronic Bank Reject Fee


Non-Sufficient Funds (NSF)


Recall of EFT Bank Payment (Customer Initiated)


Failed Credit (EFT Bank Payment)


Payment Trace (EFT Bank Payment)


Manual Information Retrieval (EFT Bank Payment)


One-Time Payment Expedition (If Approved; EFT Bank Payment)


5. ADDITIONAL TERMS, PRICING CHANGES. All rates and fees are in Canadian dollars and are subject to change under the QuickBooks Payments terms. To view and understand the exact rates and fees that have been applied to your transactions (along other fees), view your statement.

Last updated July 31, 2023

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