Adventures in Entrepreneurship: An Illustrated Playbook for Starting Your First Business

Small businesses are the heartbeats of communities across the country. They make where we live, work, and play truly thrive. In the last year, more people than ever have dove headfirst into entrepreneurship or transformed their side hustle into their main source of income. It’s no wonder there are now over 1.2 million small businesses […]

Canadian small business grants: Tools and tips to get funding

<<Back: How to Get Funding for Your Small Business  The best resources for small business grants in 2020 Canada GrantWatch A searchable database of Canadian small business and non-profit grants. The site also provides up-to-date news and information about the latest available funds. Canada Startups funding database Information and access to over 800 government grants […]

Three lessons from a business owner

Lessons from a Small Business Owner

In support of Small Business Month, Intuit QuickBooks Canada is sharing the results of a #SmallBizLessons pulse-check survey, capturing key findings from 583 small business owners across the product and service industries in Canada. We’re highlighting the learnings that small businesses and QuickBooks customers have gathered over the past 18 months, one of the toughest […]

Small business owner registering her business name

How to Register Your Business Name in Canada

Starting a business is a dream for many Canadians, and part of the process of starting your own company is registering your business name. In Canada you must register your name with the provincial government where you reside or plan to conduct business. Learn more about the fees and reasons why you should register your […]

How to start a business in 17 steps: Guide, checklist, and canvas

 You’re ready to take the leap and start a business. Congratulations! Making that decision might feel risky, but taking on risk can yield significant rewards.   In fact, 74% of small and medium business owners are willing to take big risks to ensure to succeed. “Fortune,” as the saying goes, “favours the bold.” Still, you should […]

A worker unloads a box from a moving truck

How to Start a Moving Company

Learn how to start a moving company by finding a niche, and preparing a business plan and executing it.

Agreement with attorney in office.

How to Start a Law Firm

Starting a law firm can be a rewarding next step in your legal career. For any new firm, you will want to familiarize yourself with information like how much does it cost to start a law firm, as well as learning to think like a business owner in addition to practicing law. Even if you […]

Ice cream vendor hands cone to daycare owner holding child at outdoor event

How to Open a Daycare in Canada

Find out how to start a daycare business in Canada, including tips about location, applicable laws, and creating a great business plan.

Man looking at laptop with employee and health benefits on the screen

What Employers Need to Know About Employee Benefits in Canada

For many Canadians, the offer of employment benefits for new jobs is a huge deciding factor in whether or not they will accept the offer. Not only that but one of the top reasons cited by young workers for leaving a job was lack of benefits. To stay competitive in the job market in this […]

Business owner going through business insurance package

What You Need to Know About Business Insurance

There are a lot of steps to take when opening your first small business, and getting business insurance is an important step not a lot of small business owners think about. Business insurance not only protects your clients and customers but also you and your staff. Small business owners can discover the most common business […]

Young businessman construction site engineer,close up.

How to Start a Construction Company

From overcoming harsh winter seasons, to getting insurance, hiring the right staff and choosing quality equipment, a new construction company has a lot of t’s to cross off. This is unfortunately the reason why it has one of the highest rates of failure, but that does not mean this will happen to you. Research your […]

Shot of a young man sitting on his sofa at home using a digital tablet

How to Start an Online Business

E-commerce businesses are more popular than ever. Customers prefer the convenience and selection provided by online shopping, and the pandemic has pushed even more people to shop online. According to Stats Canada, the pandemic has accelerated the shift away from physical stores with a growth in e-commerce of 110% in 2020. Experts expect an additional […]

Woman working at home

How to Start a Small Business at Home

Some of the biggest names in business were born in basements. Amazon, Microsoft, and Google famously launched from home garages. Yankee Candle got its start in Michael Kittredge’s childhood kitchen. Even Intuit originated at Scott Cook’s kitchen table. Starting a business at home certainly isn’t a new concept, but it is skyrocketing in popularity. This […]

Group of workers meeting

How to Estimate Startup Costs

The best things in life aren’t always free. A beach vacation? A box of fresh doughnuts? Starting your own small business? There are going to be some costs involved. Think of it as an investment. Those doughnuts are going to, one, improve your mental health, and two, improve your hunger. When you’re starting your own […]

Mission statement sketch on a napkin abstract.

How to Write a Mission Statement

Just because your business is small, doesn’t mean it doesn’t have big dreams. Starting your own small business requires taking risks, working long hours, and, most likely, making some personal and financial sacrifices. Most entrepreneurs wouldn’t take the risks without having some kind of passion, core values, or beliefs about improving the world or their […]

Angel investor meeting with small business owners

How to Use Angel Investors to Fund your Business

No matter how scrappy and resourceful you are when starting a business, you’re likely to come to this realization: You need more money. Getting your business off the ground comes with a lot of expenses, from equipment and team members to permits and inventory. While most entrepreneurs are willing to invest some of their own […]

Small business owner

The Future of Entrepreneurship in Canada 2021

To better understand how Canadians are adapting to this new world, and as we look towards economic recovery, Intuit QuickBooks Canada conducted a study among over 2,000 Canadians to get a sense of the state of entrepreneurship in Canada. In times of disruption – entrepreneurship surges. This is not only a function of economic disruption, [...]

Small business owner in her retail store

How to Start a Business with No Money

Dreaming of starting your own business but think you don’t have enough money? Whether you want to be your own boss, make money from a side hustle, or achieve a better work-life balance, so long as you are willing to work hard and be creative, owning your own business is within your reach. The internet, […]

Small business owner setting up her e-commerce business

How to Start an E-Commerce Business

E-commerce businesses are more popular than ever. Customers prefer the convenience and selection provided by online shopping, and the pandemic has pushed even more people to shop online. According to Stats Canada, the pandemic has accelerated the shift away from physical stores with a growth in e-commerce of 110% in 2020. Experts expect an additional […]

Restaurant owners opening their restaurant for the first time

How to Open a Restaurant in 13 Steps

Sometimes there is nothing better than hitting the town and enjoying a delicious meal out, especially when you don’t have to be the one to cook the food yourself! Millions of Canadians appreciate eating out at restaurants as they bring people together to enjoy new culinary experiences. If you’re the type of person who strives […]

Business women signing deal for owning a franchise

24 of the Best Franchises in Canada

When determining future career paths, many people think that there are only two options available to them- work for yourself, or work for someone else. Whether self-employed or owning and operating a small business, this colossal undertaking may not be as tempting to others as it is to some. But neither is working for someone […]

Two business owners discussing finances with banker

10 Questions Every Small Business Owner Should Ask Their Banker

When starting your small to medium sized business it is important to come to your financial meetings prepared. After all, your cash and creditability are on the line, so it is important to get it right. Securing financing is just the first step on your journey to become a business owner. Having a good relationship […]

Business owners in front of DryBar

Ask the Expert: How Do You Launch a Successful Business?

Find out how to launch a successful business from co-founder of the Drybar, and New York Times bestselling author, Alli Webb.  Starting your own business is hard. The process is filled to the brim with millions of question marks and even more uncertainty. But launching a successful business can be exhilarating and more than rewarding […]

Recent graduate meets with a seasoned bookkeeper to get tips on how to overcome challenges faced early in her career

How to Start a Bookkeeping Business

Become a professional bookkeeper even if you don’t have any experience. Learn how you can get started and market yourself to attract clients.

Entrepreneur partners discuss successful Canadian business industries

5 Most Profitable Small Business Opportunities in Canada

Turn your passion into a lucrative career by starting your own small business in Canada. Learn the top industries in which other Canadian entrepreneurs are having success.

Photographer using laptop to run his small business

65 Small Business Ideas

Do you want to be your own boss? Read through our list of 65 small business ideas in Canada. From house sitting to photo editing start your small business today! Maybe you’re finally tired of working for someone else. Perhaps a friend or mentor has been urging you for years. Or, you could be itching [...]

Businesswoman writing on glass wall details about her business plan

How to Write a Business Plan in 10 Steps with Templates

Learn how to write a business plan for your small business today. Download our business plan template and follow our 10-step plan with easy-to-ready samples. Whether you’re a founder, a new owner, or just beginning to think about starting a business, demands come at you fast. Tasks, to-do lists, meetings, and more. Amidst that rush, [...]

Top Tips For Father Entrepreneurs

Our fathers are often our first heroes. From teaching their kids new skills to providing for their families–dads are pillars of strength and wisdom. Fathers are also pillars of strength in their communities, heading up restaurants, law firms, NGOs, and, storefronts. From Nova Scotia to Nunavut, dads are powering Canadian small businesses. However, juggling entrepreneurship […]

man and woman researching starting a business

9 Things to Research Before Starting a Business

Starting a business requires having a thorough plan in place. Consider researching these 9 things before starting a business. It requires having a thorough plan in place. Before you start your business, there are several questions and considerations you need to address. These are more than just passing thoughts, as they require lots of attention […]

Female home inspector talks with contractor at job site while holding tablet

Starting a Home Inspection Business in Canada

Learn how to start a home inspection business, understand what kind of training you need, and identify where you can get your first clients.

Man studying how to turn waste recycling into a profit

Canadian Companies Recycling Waste Into Profits (And Why You Might Want to Follow Suit)

Check out how companies ranging from large corporations to small operations are using waste in innovative ways and read about the idea of recycling waste into profits. Get ideas for how your company can use recycled waste in interesting ways to save money and improve your reputation.

Real estate appraiser working in Canada

How to Become a Real Estate Appraiser in Canada

Learn how to launch your new career as a real estate appraiser, and decide if this type of certification might benefit your current business. Review the requirements to get certified through the Appraisal Institute of Canada and the Canadian National Association of Real Estate Appraisers.

Man registering an outfitting business in Canada

How to Start an Outfitting Business

Check out the steps involved in starting an outfitting or hunting guide business in Canada. Get tips related to finding land, marketing your hunts, securing provincial permits, and more. Look at some extra services you may want to offer to make your services more enticing to hunters and their families.

Partners discussing the office space needs of their small business

Small Business Advantages and Disadvantages of Leasing Vs. Buying Office Space

The cost of office space is a major expense for any business, especially for a small business with limited financial resources. Consider the advantages and disadvantages of leasing vs. buying office space, relative to your particular small business and financial situation. Advantages and Disadvantages of Leasing Leasing office space is a popular option for small [...]

Car washer advertising his mobile car detailing service

Small Business Ideas: Start Your Own Mobile Car Detailing Service

If you’re comfortable around cars and good with people, a mobile car detailing service could be a business that fits your talents. Running a mobile business provides excellent profit potential, especially because of low overhead costs. But you also have extra considerations to keep in mind when you have a business with no fixed location […]

Restaurant owner looking over products

The Biggest Barriers to Entry for New Restaurants

The restaurant business is attractive to many entrepreneurs who dream of inviting friends to dine at their eatery or reading rave reviews for their hot new chef. While the barriers to entry in the restaurant industry are lower than in many other fields, the unique requirements and quirks of the field should cause any aspiring […]

Dog trainer arriving at a dog training session

Starting Your Own Dog Training Business

If you’re a dog lover, starting a dog training business might be a great way to earn money doing something you enjoy. For this business, your main goal is to offer various levels of obedience classes to dogs and their owners. While it’s great to have a love for dogs, this alone isn’t enough to […]

Independent contractor contemplating whether or not to incorporate

Should You Incorporate or Form a Sole Proprietorship for Your Independent Contracting Business?

Whether you’re in your first year of business or you’ve been an independent contractor for decades, you may be thinking about the possibility of incorporation. There are certainly advantages to incorporating as a business, such as a potentially lower tax rate, reduced debt liability, and better access to business loans. However, incorporation also requires more […]

Accountants review ownership shares and drawings at small business office

What are Owner Draws?

Small business owners often use their personal assets as an investment in their companies with the expectation that they can later withdraw funds as needed. Others want to take advantage of their company’s growing bank account to compensate themselves for their contributions. In either case, they can do so with owner draws or drawings, which […]

Accountant and small business owner discuss business license renewal procedures

How to Renew a Business License in Canada

Eventually, all business licenses expire, and to stay compliant with local and federal regulations, it’s critical that you know how to handle business license renewal. The process is different depending on where your business operates, and in most cases, you need to consult with the authorities in your local area. For instance, if you run […]

Woman contemplating how to get a business licence for her home bakery

Business Licences and Permits for Home Bakeries

A home bakery enables you to produce food in your house, eliminating the need for costly commercial kitchen rentals. As you get started, it’s important to follow Canada’s complex food production laws. By securing all necessary licences and permits in advance, you can build a legal, profitable home-bakery business. Farmers Markets In most provinces, the […]

Farmer researches licensing procedures for small business medical marijuana production

How to Become a Licensed Medical Marijuana Producer

Become an entrepreneurial pioneer in the fast-growing Canadian medical marijuana industry. Opportunities are ripe for companies producing medical marijuana, and submitting a licencing application is the first step. There are legal and industry hurdles to getting government approval, though. Knowing what to expect going in can help you prepare for the challenges ahead. Starting the […]

Experienced accountant explaining business licences to a listener

What Is a Business Licence

A business licence is a document issued by a government authority that allows the owner of a business to operate within the country, province, territory, or municipality that issues the licence. While not all businesses require a licence or the same kind of licence, government agencies have the right to fine businesses operating without required […]

Small business partners pose together

Which Partnership Structure Is Best for Your Small Business?

When you form a small business, choosing the most appropriate business structure is vital, since it can affect your tax liability significantly. If you already have partners in your business, it’s likely you want to choose from one of the three legal partnership structures available in Canada: general partnerships, limited partnerships, and limited liability partnerships. […]

Small business equity partners discuss a buyout plan

Have You Planned for Buying Out Your Small Business Equity Partner?

When starting a new business with an equity partner, it is easy to overlook that there might come a time when one of the partners wants or has to buy out the shares of the other partner. This can occur because one partner wants to leave the business completely or own it all by itself. […]

Delivery service courier stopping at a customer's apartment to drop off a package

Business Ideas: How to Start a Courier and Delivery Service

In the modern Canadian economy, everybody is looking, it seems, for a sure-bet small business to start. Courier services could be that model, if it's done right. The advantages are hard to deny: Almost every person or business eventually needs something delivered by hand sometimes, a few need this service on a daily basis, there [...]

Wind farm foreman reviews plans on site in his truck

8 Things You Need to Know If You Want to Start a Wind Farm in Canada

Harnessing the wind can provide clean, affordable energy for people living in gusty rural areas. To turn the kinetic energy of wind into usable electric energy, you need to build a wind turbine – or, on a larger scale, a wind power farm. Building one of these farms takes careful planning plus cooperation with local […]

Small business owner inspects a commercial property during renovations

Before You Move In: Commercial Property Inspections

Leasing or buying a commercial space can be costly for a small business. Before you lock your company into a legal agreement, it’s a good idea to schedule a commercial property inspection to protect your interests. A professional inspection can rule out potential problems and ensure the new office space is a worthwhile property investment. […]

Workers at an auto body shop discuss repairs to a vehicle

How to Start an Auto Repair Shop From Scratch

Discover how to start an auto repair shop in Canada. Make sure you know vital information about registering the shop, borrowing money, and hiring workers.

Landscaper carries a tray of seedlings to her job site

Biggest Challenges of Owning a Landscaping Business

Understand the challenges of a landscaping business, and learn some effective ways to deal with them.

Two contractors operating a trade business review blueprints at job site

Five Trade Businesses to Start

Find out why masonry, welding, commercial diving, and electrician services are some of the best trade businesses to start in Canada.

Bike repair shop owner rides bicycle on city street wearing helmet

Good Small Business Ideas: Bike Repair Business

Learn why a bike repair business is one of the best small business ideas for entrepreneurs who love cycling.

Farm employees running senior care business pose for photo holding vegetables and crops

Good Small Business Ideas: How to Start a Senior Care Business

Starting a senior care or elderly assistance business is a great idea for a small business. Learn the pros and cons, and see if it might be a good fit for you.

Historian calculates the costs of starting up a tour guide company

Good Small Business Ideas: How to Start a Tour Guide Company

Learn why starting a tour guide company is a smart business venture if you live in the right place and are an expert.

Female professional brainstorms small business ideas on a laptop computer

Good Small Business Ideas: Mobile Salon Truck

Discover the advantages of starting a mobile salon truck business and what you need to succeed in this potentially profitable niche.

Two men assess refurbished furniture cabinets at small business construction site

Good Small Business Ideas: Refurbishing and Upcycling Furniture

Create your own furniture restoration business, learn how to make money upcycling furniture, and start your venture successfully.

A chimney sweep manages his business on the road

Good Small Business Ideas: Start a Chimney Sweep Business

Learn more about starting a chimney sweeping business in Canada, including certification processes and tips for staying busy in the offseason.

A employee describing what you need to become a security consultant

How to Become a Security Consultant in Canada

Jump into the cybersecurity field by learning how to be a security consultant. Learn what type of training you need and how to launch your own business.

Brewery worker supervises a bottle filling production line

How to Start a Brewery in Canada

Expand your options as a beer enthusiast by understanding the numerous legal and strategic items to consider when opening a brewery.

Employee rings up a massage therapy customer after a session

How to Start a Massage Therapy Business

Learn how to start a massage business in Canada, understand the steps you should take, and identify some common challenges unique to the industry.

An ESL tutor works with students learning English

How to Start an ESL Tutoring Business

Launch a business as an ESL tutor by learning what credentials you need, how to plan your business, and where to find students.

Small business professionals discuss buying domains at office table near white board

Small Business Idea: Buying and Selling Domains

Understand how to buy and selling domain names for profit, and identify some of the challenges you’ll face in this business.

Motivational speaker explaining how to be successful in Canada

Small Business Ideas: How to Be a Motivational Speaker in Canada

Plan for a career as a motivational speaker by learning where to start, how to turn pro, and what to do after that.

Female interior designer sews at table near fabric samples and small child

Starting an Interior Design Business in Canada

Learn how to qualify for your licence to start up your own interior design business in Canada and grow your customer base.

Home business owner sews beside her daughter with a tablet on the table

Tiny Home Business Ideas

Capitalize on a growing trend with tiny home business ideas, from planning and building tiny homes to using one for your office.

An attorney reviews the legal elements of a contract with a business owner

What Is a Legal Element?

Read up on the basics of choosing and using an approved legal element for your corporate business name.

Man makes money while driving passenger in vehicle on busy street

Good Small Business Ideas: How to Become a Home Organizer

Learn why being a professional organizer is a great business idea; find out what you should expect and how to get started.

A freelance makeup artist poses with her supply bag

How to Launch a Career as a Freelance Makeup Artist

Learn how to launch a freelance makeup artist business in Canada. You may need a certificate or a license, depending on the provide where you work.

A bed and breakfast guest has coffee and a snack while using a tablet

How to Start a Bed and Breakfast

Get familiar with the ins and outs of starting a bed and breakfast. A B&B can generate strong revenue, but you need a strong business plan to make it work.

A child care provider poses with a boy and a surfboard

How to Start a Child Care Small Business in Canada

Get an idea of how to start a child care small business. Learn not only what licences are needed but also what factors make you more likely to succeed.

A dog rests  on a bed after taking a walk

How to Start a Dog Walking Business

Love dogs? Consider starting a dog walking business. Take a look at the steps involved in getting started with your own canine-centered company.

A handyman discusses cabinet repairs with a business owner

How to Start a Handyman Business in Canada

Starting a handyman business requires a small amount of capital and a big dose of skills that you need to brush up on.

A personal shopper checks a shopping list on his phone

How to Start a Personal Shopping Business in Canada

Discover how to become a personal shopper, and find out what it takes to start your own personal shopping business.

An HVAC installer reviews blueprints with a general contractor

How to Start an HVAC Business in Canada

Get the scoop on how to start an HVAC business, with tips for experienced HVAC technicians and aspiring entrepreneurs alike.

Man in security company office reviews financials on tablet in meeting room

How to Start a Successful Canadian Security Company

Planning to start your own security business but not sure what to do first? Read this quick guide to creating a successful security company.

Upholstery specialist calculates how much money she would save by buying fabrics in bulk

How to Start Your Own Upholstery Business

Looking for a fun and potentially lucrative hands-on job? Consider starting an upholstery business. Here’s an overview of how to get started.

A man inverts on a climbing rope at a gym

Should You Open a Gym?

Learn the advantages and disadvantages of opening your own gym, and discover how to start a gym with proper preparation and business planning.

Close-up of spoons and dishes cleaned by cleaning business

How to Start a Corporate or Home Cleaning Business

Discover how to start a cleaning business by developing a winning business plan and then executing it.

Businessman planning out an idea for a senior care business in Canada

Starting a Senior Care Business in Canada

Follow these key guidelines for starting a senior care business in Canada to capitalize on the services you can offer an aging population.

Financial consultant and client discuss the process of financing a crossfit gym at office desk near laptop

The Economics of Opening a CrossFit Gym

Understand the costs of opening a CrossFit gym, how business expense software can help with budgeting, and what to expect in revenue after opening.

The owner of a sole proprietorship record shop poses in his store

What is a Sole Proprietorship?

Learn the pros and cons of a sole proprietorship. As a sole proprietor, you have exclusive control over decisions, but you are liable for all debts.

A business owner uses an app on a tablet during office design meeting with a builder

4 Apps for Designing Your Own Office Space

Explore of four of the best apps that you can use to design the office space for your new small business.

Business owner running a legit catering company

Absolutely Tasty and Totally Legal: How to Start a Legit Catering Company

Turn your love for cooking into a lucrative business by opening a legally compliant catering company in Canada.

Board members review a corporation's articles of incorporation

Understanding the Content of Articles of Incorporation

Learn the key definitions for the articles of incorporation and their detailed content, such as share capital, company name and the board of directors.

Two small business owners customizing QuickBooks for their partnership

How to Customize QuickBooks for Your Partnership

To make the most of your QuickBooks small business bookkeeping software, you need to customize the software based on your industry and business structure. If you run your business as a partnership, you should customize the software accordingly. Here are a few steps to customize the desktop version of QuickBooks. Starting Slow First-time users often […]

A woman sitting at workbench using her tablet to prepare a shipment

Shipping Small Items From Canada to Customers in the United States

Canada Post provides Lettermail service for economic shipping of cards, catalogues, or CDs within Canada. For delivery to the United States, Canadian businesses that ship paper products in small envelopes use the Letter-post service. Items that don’t fit within the size, weight, and material restrictions for Letter-post can be shipped using one of several small-package […]

Concerned woman checking her phone for hidden expenses from starting her small business

Comprehensive Guide to Hidden Expenses When Starting a Small Business

Starting a business costs money, no matter what the size. The obvious costs include inventory, hiring employees and building rent. However, there are several expenses that new small business owners overlook. Failing to factor in these costs and expenses could have a devastating effect on the success of a business, especially when finances are tight […]

Artisanal baker packs patisseries into shipping boxes for his subscription service

How to Launch Your Own Subscription Box Business

Subscription box businesses are fast becoming a means by which new small businesses can gain traction in the retail industry. As a subscription business owner, you curate boxes of nice goods that your customers love and want to receive on a recurring basis. Follow this guide to launch your own subscription box business. Choose a […]

A Tax Expert Explaining to His Client How to Break Down a CRA Notice of Assessment

Breaking Down a CRA Notice of Assessment

In essence, a notice of assessment is the Canada Revenue Agency’s response to your tax return. As such, it contains important information that you need to understand to decide if you need to take further action with the CRA. Two Types of Notices of Assessment There are two types of notices of assessment. The normal […]

Affiliate marketing group at office table brainstorming ideas with whiteboard in background

Build a Successful Affiliate Marketing Website by Following These Steps

With affiliate marketing, you can make money selling products without worrying about inventory, shipping, unit costs or even coming up with a product on your own. Affiliate marketing is actually pretty simple. You sell products online for other people and take a cut of the revenue for each item you sell. In essence, you’re an […]

Woman on social assistance poses at her new garden business

Starting A Business While Receiving Social Assistance

If you receive government benefits, tax credits or Employment Insurance, you have to meet certain criteria. If you are starting your own business, ensure that your earnings won’t disrupt your benefits. If you are collecting EI due to the loss of a job, you may work and continue to receive benefits, but you must notify […]

Builders make the ethical decision to redo substandard work

The Importance of Ethics in Business

In business, ethics determine the best course of action that reflects those moral values. A small business should establish a code of ethical conduct and implement a program encouraging adherence to the code. How Ethics Apply to Various Business Situations Ethics issues can arise in a wide variety of business situations. For example, conflicts of […]

What You Should Know About Being an Amazon Seller in Canada

Being an Amazon seller can be a great way to leverage the Amazon brand while selling your products, and if you are based in Canada, you may sell on the Canadian or American Amazon site. To be successful, you need to be aware of the pros and cons between these two approaches, and understand how […]

Accountant reviewing intellectual assets in office with laptop on desk

What Are Intellectual Assets?

Intellectual assets, also known as intangible assets, include things like your business’s brand name, logo and URL. Intellectual assets also include original creative works (such as album cover artwork) or inventions (such as productivity and gaming software). Your closely held in-house processes, commonly referred to as trade secrets, are also considered intellectual assets. Your email […]

An independent contractor discusses her business plan

Smart Business Planning Strategies for Independent Contractors

Suppose you are working as an independent contractor or freelancer. You have to source clients and manage professional relationships, and if you do it full time, you get to retain control over much of your day-to-day schedule. That makes you sound a lot like a small business owner, but does that mean you should plan […]

Dealing With the CRA

As a small business owner, the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) is going to be one of the important relationships in your life. So, like any other significant relationship, you’re going to want to keep your relationship with the CRA sweet – and you’re going to have to work at it. The Work You Have to [...]