For Sales:

Print Cheques Directly in QuickBooks¹

Secure cheques designed exclusively for QuickBooks Online and QuickBooks Desktop

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Protect yourself with Secure Cheques

Intuit Business Cheques have you covered.

  • Save time printing cheques directly from QuickBooks.
  • Pay employees and vendors. 
  • Designed exclusively for QuickBooks to print perfectly every time²
  • NOW AVAILABLE Hand-written cheques
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Cheques for all your payments, with a 30-day money-back satisfaction guarantee

Voucher Cheques
  • Pay employees and suppliers
  • Keep stubs for your records
  • 85% of the cheques we sell are voucher cheques
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Standard Cheques
  • Add professional distinction to business payments
  • Print 3 on one page
  • Pay multiple vendors fast with QuickBooks data
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Wallet Cheques
  • Sized for personal use
  • Keep stubs for your records
  • Use expense data already in QuickBooks

All our cheques are designed exclusively for use with QuickBooks by


Supplies to keep you up and running

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Cheque Value Packs
  • Cheques, envelopes, deposit slips
  • All-in-one bundle
  • Our best price
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    Deposit Slips
  • So easy to print from QuickBooks
  • Manual slips available
  • Customize for a professional look
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    Security Envelopes
  • Professional look
  • Keeps contents confidential
  • Pre-print your address
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