Powerful payroll and time card reports for crucial insights

If labour is your biggest expense, you’ll want to know how it’s working for you.

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Time card reports on demand

With reports for projects, payroll, and more, you can predict future expenses. And you can ensure current projects stay within your budget. Plus, our audit log records all time card edits and approvals, so you’re prepared for potential audits.

Project reports for better job costing

With project reports, managers can see how much time employees spend on each job or task. Track labour estimates versus actual time spent on projects in real time. Project reporting can help you predict, plan, and execute on future projects—and win over prospective clients. Access project reports from the QuickBooks Time web dashboard on your laptop or desktop computer.


Payroll summary reporting

The easiest way to track labour costs is with our payroll report feature. The payroll report shows a summary of hours tracked in a pay period. View regular and overtime hours for all employees and what they’re clocking daily, weekly, and monthly.

Payroll reporting with QuickBooks Time.

Export data efficiently

Sync QuickBooks Time with your favourite payroll or accounting solution to run payroll faster. QuickBooks Time integrates with QuickBooks, as well as a host of other payroll products. Need to share payroll reports? Export time and payroll data to a PDF, Excel, or CSV file.

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FAQs about payroll reports

Get time card payroll reports that help keep labour and project costs under control