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Introducing QuickBooks Capital

Reinventing small business lending

At QuickBooks Capital, we're working to tip the odds in favor of small businesses through technology-driven innovation. And one of the biggest challenges that business owners face is getting access to the funds they need to grow and smooth cash flow bumps.

As the world’s largest small business ecosystem, we are uniquely positioned to change that. Eligible QuickBooks customers can now leverage their data to take advantage of new funding offers. With the recent launch of QuickBooks Capital, we’re proud to say we’ve been able to get credit into the hands of previously underserved small businesses—60% of which weren’t likely get a loan elsewhere.

Created with Sketch. 60% Unfortunately, their growth is often cut short. Roughly 50% of new businesses fail within the first 5 years. RELATIVE PERFORMANCE Profit margins compared to similar businesses TRENDS Growth dynamics and seasonality PROFITABILITY The ability to repay the loan FUTURE Open invoices and ongoing projects Satisfied with online lenders 23% Satisfied with big banks 31% Satisfied with small banks 48% But those who get funded aren’t very satisfied. GET FUNDED 23% GET PARTIALLY FUNDED 30% GET REJECTED 21% DON’T APPLY 26% 70% OF NEW BUSINESSES SAY THEY NEED FUNDING TO GROW Funding is the key to new business success. increase satisfaction with 99 % of our customers had never applied for a loan before Increasing borrower confidence 46% of our customers were unlikely to get a loan elsewhere Investing in underserved businesse s 60% of our customers say the loan helped their business grow Funding small business growth 90%