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Additional login and confirmation code to change account information

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Intuit is implementing Multi Factor Authentication (MFA) across our business. As part of this, when you make a change to your Intuit Account or QuickBooks Account sign in information (such as email, password, user id) at Your Account, you may be required to sign in again and use a one-time confirmation code to complete the process.

Why am I being asked to log in again and why do I have to enter a confirmation code when I log in?

Your finances are serious business. Passwords are not as secure as they used to be and if someone gets your password, they can access your account and make changes that you did not authorize. Having a strong password doesn't completely protect you, but two-factor authentication solves this. This is why we have added an extra layer of security to protect your account. This extra security means that any time you try to change your account sign in information at Your Account, you may be asked to log in again and you will be asked to enter a one-time confirmation code sent to your email to ensure that it is really you who is changing your information.

This email will come from

Please be sure to check your bulk/junk/spam email folder if you don’t see the confirmation code in your primary inbox.

Does this mean that someone tried to hack my account?

No. This extra layer of security is being implemented as an industry best practice for all of Intuit’s products.

I checked my email and I didn't receive the code, what should I do?

It can sometimes take a few moments for the code to arrive in your email box. Please wait several minutes. You may also want to check your bulk/junk/spam mail folder to see if the code went there.

If the code does not arrive, you can click the Didn’t receive a code link in the Check your email window to generate another code.

Important: Once you generate a new code, any prior code will expire. It is important that you use the most recent confirmation code in the Check your email window.

My code doesn’t work, what should I do?

If you have typed the exact code that was sent and it doesn’t work, this is most likely because you have generated multiple codes and are not using the most recent one. Please click Didn’t receive a code, then wait until the new code arrives. This may take several minutes. Use the most recent code sent to you.

Note: some email platforms append emails from the same sender, so your latest code may display as a response or reply to one of the earlier codes.

Will I be asked to log in again every time I try to change personal information?

When you attempt to change your sign-in information such as your user ID, email address, or password, you may be asked to sign in again.

To ensure it is really you, when you sign in a one-time confirmation code is sent to your email. You need to enter that code in the confirmation code window that displays and then click Continue.

What if I am trying to change my email address?

When you log in to change your email address, the confirmation code will be sent to the email address currently associated with your account. If you have access to that email address, please use the confirmation code to sign in, then you can change your email address and any future log in confirmations will be sent to your new email address.

We will send an email to your old email address to notify you of the change to your email address and all future notifications about changes to your Intuit account, confirmation codes, or account recovery emails will be sent to your new email address.

Will changing my email change my User ID?

No. Changing your email address does not change your User ID. We recommend you change your User ID if it is the same as your email address. Otherwise, you will have to remember to use your old email address as your User ID and this could be confusing. To change your user ID, you need edit the User ID field on the same account management page.

Important: Remember, if you have more than one Intuit product or service associated with your account and User ID, this User ID change will affect all of those products.

If you are an accountant who uses Online Payroll for Accountants (IOP4A) or Full Service Payroll Account Portal (IFSP AC), those user ID’s are separate from their Intuit account and all information about those sign in credentials must be changed in the payroll accountant products.

What if my old email address is my User ID?

Most customers find that keeping their User ID and their email address the same is the simplest way to remember their user ID. We recommend that when you change your email address, you also change your user ID. However, if you prefer to have a User ID that is not equal to your email address, you may choose to do that. If you do not change your User ID and keep it as your old email address, that could be confusing to remember.

What if I don’t have access to my old email address and cannot get the confirmation code you send?

If you no longer have access to the email address connected with your login information, you can recover your account.

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