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1099 Report is blank for some users, but not all.

The 1099 report for 2020 is blank for some Quickbooks users at my company, but not all. I did some troubleshooting and the ones it is working for are actually on an older version of Quickbooks (2018 R5P). People on a newer version (2018 R16P) get a blank report. 


**This is very odd though, because most computers forced us to update to view 1099s. I don't know how it's possible there the R5P computers are able to do it. 


Here are the steps we are following. On the R16P computers, we are doing Vendors > 1099 Forms > 1099 Summary Report. Choose last calendar year, and run the report. It's completely blank. 


On the R5P computers, the menu is a little different. It's Vendors > Print/eFile 1099 > 1099 Summary Report. Same exact criteria. Not using a Memorized report, so there are no customizations to the filters. And all the data is there.  


I saw another post where someone said to go into the wizard, but that seems to require you to use Quickbooks in single user mode, which is untenable in our environment. 

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QuickBooks Team

1099 Report is blank for some users, but not all.

Hi @I-Already-Had-A-Username.


Let me share some information and help you with how to fix the 1099 blank report.


You'll need to re-enter the payroll service key or get payroll updates to resolve the 1099 blank report. It's because 1099 is related to the payroll update, not the release version.


You can then re-run the 1099 report after following the steps on the articles.


In case it needs to remap the accounts on the 1099 report, you can follow the steps through this article: Create 1099s with QuickBooks Desktop.


If you have other concerns about 1099, please place them here. I'm always open to help. Take care!

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1099 Report is blank for some users, but not all.


Thank you for your reply. I think I may have left out a key detail. These aren't related to payroll or paychecks. These are vendors we pay, who are 1099 eligible. I'm not sure how to "talk the talk" here, but I hope that makes sense. 

QuickBooks Team

1099 Report is blank for some users, but not all.

Thanks for clarifying, @I-Already-Had-A-Username. I tried to run a 1099 Detail report in my sample account, and it worked without any issues. 


Though, the report was blank since I don't have any available data for that date range. 


In your case, I'd suggest you run the Verify and Rebuild data tools to help us identify any data issues within the company file. Then, the Rebuild Data will self-resolve what the Verify Data finds.


Here's how to run the Verify data tool:


  1. Go to the File menu.
  2. Highlight Utilities.
  3. Select Verify Data.


Next up, run the Rebuild data tool:


  1. Click the File menu.
  2. Highlight Utilities.
  3. Click Rebuild Data.


If you're still having issues running the report, you can check out this article for more troubleshooting steps: Fix data damage on your QuickBooks Desktop company file.


For future reference, you can also customize vendor reports to make sure you achieve what you only want to display in a specific report. 


Let me know if you have other questions about reports in QBDT. I'll get back to you as soon as I can. 


Level 2

1099 Report is blank for some users, but not all.

@katherinejoyceO I will do the steps to verify and rebuild data, but I would think that if the data was damaged, the issue would affect all users, not just those on a more recent update. Does that seem strange to you too?

QuickBooks Team

1099 Report is blank for some users, but not all.

Hello there, @I-Already-Had-A-Username.


Let me chime in and provide clarifications about data damage in QuickBooks Desktop.


Data damage doesn't mean all your files have errors. It means your company file can't be read correctly by QuickBooks. This can be caused by internal (within QuickBooks) or external (file location) factors. 


In addition to the steps given above about verifying and rebuilding data, let’s also review your vendor. Make sure to mark the vendors as 1099 to show this on the report. 


Here's how:

  1. Go to the Vendors menu, and choose Vendor Center.
  2. Double-click the vendor's name.
  3. Click the Tax Settings tab.
  4. Select Vendor eligible for 1099 box to place a checkmark.
  5. In the Vendor Tax ID field, enter the vendor’s tax ID.
  6. Select OK.


You can also review this article for more insights: Fix missing contractors or wrong amounts on 1099s.


Additionally, I've added these resource to help you manage reports in QuickBooks Desktop: 


Keep me posted if you have other concerns with running reports in QuickBooks. I'll be more than happy to help. Have a great day ahead.

Level 2

1099 Report is blank for some users, but not all.

I hope this doesn't sound rude, but I feel like my issue is not being understood. If the 1099 checkbox is not checked, then logically the report would fail for all people running the report. Of course the 1099 checkbox is checked. The report works for some users. The users for whom the report works are running an older update of QB Desktop 2018. That's the common thread here. The people on the newest update get a blank report. This is the issue I'm trying to solve. 

QuickBooks Team

1099 Report is blank for some users, but not all.

I do appreciate you for keeping us posted, I-Already-Had-A-Username. 


When pulling up a 1099 report in QuickBooks Desktop, the date range will default to the Last Calendar Year. Be sure that the report is set up for the correct date range next so it will display the right amount of information. To give you more details about running a 1099 report in QBDT, please see this reference: Which contractors need 1099s?.


If you still get a blank report after the steps we've provided, I'd recommend contact us so we can further check the setup of your company file remotely. Here's how to contact us: 


  1. Click the Help menu and click QuickBooks Dekstop Help.
  2. Select Contact Us.
  3. Enter a brief description of your concern about the blank 1099 report.
  4. Click Continue and select the best way you'll want to contact us.

You can also use this link as an alternative in reaching out to us:


If there's anything else that you need help with, please don't hesitate to post them here. Take care and keep safe!

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