Master organization to maximize savings

Use the app to snap and save photos of receipts on the go, so you’re ready to save at tax time. 

Snap and save receipts

  • Snap scan, and save photos of your receipts anytime, anywhere.
  • The app uses OCR technology to scan info about the date, amount, and location of your transaction.
  • The app also gives you the ability to add notes (useful for meal/entertainment expenses).

Sort and attach receipts to the expense

  • Attach a receipt photo from your camera roll or take a picture then and there and we’ll create the transaction for you.
  • Sort expenses as business or personal with a simple swipe or bulk categorize on the web.
  • The category lists in QuickBooks Self-Employed are identical to the list on the T2125 form so it’s easy to fill out.

Two ways to master receipt management

Open the app on your mobile device, and tap the Mileage tab at the bottom of your screen (iOS) or tap Mileage from the menu (Android).
Switch the toggle to turn on automatic mileage tracking. You’ll also want to enable location services in your device’s settings.
Categorize all of your trips by swiping LEFT (business) or RIGHT (personal).

Capture the receipt then and there

In the app...

Select the green action button bottom

Choose Snap receipt

We create the transaction for you

Review the transaction

Attach a photo later

In the app on the Transactions tab...

Select the transaction

Select attach receipt

Choose from your camera roll or take aphoto

Don't forget to save

Perfect for indepenent contractors, freelancers, and sole proprietors

QuickBooks Self-Employed
$10 00 /mo
$ 5 00 /mo
Save 70% for 3 months*
  • Be ready for tax time with finances in one place
  • Categorize as business or personal trips
  • Track mileage automatically2
  • Create and send invoices on the go
  • The category lists match the T2125, so it's easy to fill out
  • Snap and capture expense receipts
  • Accessible on all devices

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