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Give founders a firm grip on their financials

We join forces with startup organizations to help startups and entrepreneurs get to the next level. By empowering founders with an all-in-one accounting solution, they can make important timely decisions, and focus on growth. 

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Resources for startups and entrepreneurs

Tips for starting and growing a business

Canadian small business grants: Tools and tips to get funding

Standard government small business loans or capital from banks, angel investors, and VC firms (e.g.,) are often the funding channels of choice for Canadian entrepreneurs. 

How to start a business in 15 steps

How to start a business in 15 steps: Guide, checklist, and canvas

You’re ready to take the leap and start a business. Congratulations! Making that decision might feel risky, but taking on risk can yield significant rewards. 

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Common Pitfalls of Payment Processing & Cash Flow Problems

Everything from small business payroll to inventory management to marketing depends on how much funding you have available day-to-day. 

4 Reports That Put You in Control of Your Business

Are you launching a new small business? Are you wondering how to stay on top of your company’s finances? 

Canada’s 5 most profitable small business opportunities

Canada’s 5 most profitable small business opportunities

Canada has recovered from the global recession of the late 2000s and early 2010s, creating 3.1 percent economic growth in 2017 and tremendous opportunity for entrepreneurs looking to start a small business. 

What is a Business Plan and How Do I Write One?

What is a Business Plan and How Do I Write One?

For many first-time founders and small business owners, the concept of writing a business plan is new and they have no idea where to start.