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Create invoices and get paid fast with QuickBooks.

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Create invoices

Create invoices and get paid fast with QuickBooks.

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Invoices with payment processing built-in
Every invoice you create with QuickBooks comes with payment processing built-in. Simply create an invoice and send the invoice to your customer from QuickBooks. Your customer can click on the ‘Pay Now’ button and choose to pay via credit card, free bank transfer, PayPal, Apple Pay, or others. We will process the payment, record the transaction in your books, and automatically transfer the money to your bank account.

Invoice tracking
Creating invoices with QuickBooks means you get instant notifications when your customer views or pays the invoice. Notifications are also sent to your customer reminding them to pay the invoice on time. When an invoice is paid, QuickBooks automatically matches the payment with the invoice in your books for you, saving you time and keeping your books accurate.

Invoices customized to your business
Creating invoices that represent your business is easy in QuickBooks. You can choose from a variety of invoice templates and then customize the logo, colors, font, and other elements. You can even add discounts, product SKUs, and any other information or details that you’d like to include.

Creating invoices doesn’t have to be hard.

Sales tax calculations done for you
Do you collect sales tax for the products or services you sell? Let us do the math for you. When creating invoices in QuickBooks, we automatically calculate sales tax by state for you. QuickBooks also keeps track of how much sales tax you accrue and how much you owe.

Add billable hours to invoices
Creating invoices that include billable hours is easy in QuickBooks. Simply track your time in Google Calendar, TSheets, or QuickBooks time tracking and your billable hours can be automatically added to invoices. It’s an easy way to invoice your customers for your time.

Text or send an encrypted link
If you communicate with your customers via text or another messaging app, why not also send invoices that way, too? Once you finish creating invoices in QuickBooks, you can generate an encrypted link that you can text or message to your customer.

More than invoicing. Run your entire business with QuickBooks.

Mileage tracking
If you are self-employed and need to track mileage for tax purposes, like Uber and Lyft drivers do, then the automatic GPS tracking in QuickBooks Self-Employed will save you time. Miles are automatically tracked for you, keeping your records up-to-date and accurate for tax time.

Track business expenses
Easily track your business expenses in QuickBooks. Snap photos of receipts and QuickBooks will add the business expenses to your books for you. Access expense reports to always know how every dollar is spent.

Bank reconciliation
Easily reconcile your bank accounts to ensure that the dollars you record match the dollars reported by the bank. When you connect your bank accounts to QuickBooks, we’ll import and organize your transactions for you, making reconciliation fast and easy.

Accelerated invoicing

Only available in Quickbooks Online Advanced

Create invoices 20% faster*
Create and send multiple invoices to your clients. Skip the repetitive, manual tasks with the ability to upload a files and import hundreds of invoices in one go.

Get time back in your day
Save time and effort manually entering data for multiple invoices. With accelerated invoicing, you can easily duplicate similar invoices for multiple customers.


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*Based off of internal tests comparing QuickBooks Online regular invoice workflow with QuickBooks Online Advanced multiple invoice workflow.

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