Exclusive features in
QuickBooks Online Advanced
With more automation and customization, these Advanced-only features make it easier
to manage a complex business and get more done each day.


Speed up invoicing by 37% to get paid faster1

  • Create, edit, and send up to 150 invoices at once
  • Import hundreds of invoices in a few clicks
  • Duplicate similar invoices for multiple customers

To start batch invoicing

Go to Invoicing > New invoice > Multiple invoices
Check out batch invoicing


Manage your expenses in less time

  • Enter and edit multiple expenses in a few clicks
  • Create and edit all of your checks on one screen
  • Cut and paste your invoices from Excel right into the batch transactions sheet

To start batch expensing

Go to Expenses > New transaction > Batch transactions
Check out batch expenses


Save time on bill entry with batch bills

  • Enter and edit multiple bills at the same time
  • Streamline bill paying by batch processing bills
  • Focus the time you save on other parts of your business

To start batch billing

Go to New > Batch transactions > Bills
Check out batch billing


Streamline the check-writing process

  • Create and edit checks by the batch
  • Easily create a check, duplicate it, then change details like vendor or amount
  • Enter as many checks as you need

To start using batch checks

Go to New > Batch transactions > Select checks
Check out batch checks

Batch invoicing is just going to become more and more useful the bigger we get. I see that growing with the business.
Matt Shaw
Managing Partner, Joli
QuickBooks Online Advanced customer

Using batch invoicing along with QuickBooks Payments freed up one full time employee for my law firm client.
Lynda Artesani
Owner, Artesani Bookkeeping
QuickBooks Online Advanced customer


Create custom charts and dashboards

  • Track your most important business metrics by creating customized charts in a few clicks
  • Easily review or edit customized charts to focus on the business insights you care about the most
  • Benchmark against past period or past year to understand how your business is growing

To create a custom dashboard

Go to Reports > Performance Center > Add new chart
Build a dashboard


Work smarter with insights and data analysis tools

  • Analyze your profitability, cash flow, and other KPIs
  • Create customized dashboards for the KPIs that matter to you most
  • Monitor trends and identify opportunities to boost your business performance

To start using smart reporting

Go to Reports > Smart reporting > Get started


Track and compare your cash flow

  • View cash flow trends with auto-populated trend lines or customize reporting time periods using built-in filters
  • Drill down into cash flow categories to identify changes
  • Compare cash flow data from different time periods

To customize your dashboard

Go to Reports > Performance Center and select your filters in the Cash Flow widget



Track your top performers

  • Focus quickly on key revenues
  • Configure your dashboard by accrual vs. cash basis, fiscal year, date range, classes, locations, and more
  • Identify what’s working and what’s not, and share your reports easily

To customize your dashboard

Go to Reports > Performance Center and select your filters in the Revenue Streams widget

revenue stream
revenue stream
revenue stream


Keep track of your most important details

  • Search, sort, and filter information
  • Add the customer and transaction details you want to track
  • Set up custom auto-responses to let customers know you’ve received their payment

To add custom fields

Select Custom Fields from the gear icon
Add custom fields

We were at a point where I was spending a lot of time getting all the reports I wanted, and all of a sudden with QuickBooks Online Advanced, getting the information is so much quicker and easier.
Avo Asdourian
CFO, M-Fire Suppression Inc
QuickBooks Online Advanced customer

Flexibility and customizing reports is super easy…when drilling down into reports I don’t want to get into the weeds, I need the data.
Andy Pyle
Partner and Director of Operations, SevenGen
QuickBooks Online Advanced customer


Put the right information in the right hands

  • Configure user roles as needed to manage access to sensitive information
  • Delegate work to specific teammates
  • Assign multiple users to the same role without repeating task selection each time

To add custom roles

From the gear icon > Manage users > Add user > Add new custom role or select a predefined role
Customize user roles


Save time and reduce errors with automated tasks

  • Set rules for automatic reminders and mobile notifications
  • Help strengthen cash flow by automating tasks like past due invoice reminders
  • Let customers know you’ve received their payments with custom auto-responses

To automate workflows

Go to Workflows > Select a workflow
Create a workflow


Keep track of your most important details

  • Search, sort, and filter information
  • Add the customer and transaction details you want to track
  • Set up custom auto-responses to let customers know you’ve received their payment

To add custom fields

Select Custom Fields from the gear icon
Add custom fields

User permissions is big because it allows you to control your user’s access in a way that actually fits how you work.
Joe Esparraguera
CFO, CollectRx
QuickBooks Online Advanced customer

Intuit is a very progressive, very forward thinking organization and I appreciate the fact that they are always looking for ways to help us streamline and automate our processes.
Armand Kadima
Financial Controller, G2G Collections
QuickBooks Online Advanced customer


Back up changes and restore company data

  • Continuously and automatically back up your QuickBooks Online company changes and data
  • Restore a specific version of your QuickBooks Online company based on a historical date and time
  • View a log of all your version histories with a count of how many changes were made

To start backing up your data automatically

Go to Apps and search for Online Back-up and Restore



Link your QuickBooks to your Google account

  • Export your QuickBooks reports to Google Sheets
  • Collaborate with other colleagues using Google Sheets
  • Allow others to view reports from their Google account

To get started

Run a report, then select Export to Google Sheets

Google Sheets
Google Sheets
Google Sheets


Import a budget to track performance against goals

  • Pull your own budget directly into QuickBooks
  • Add values to an exported budget template
  • Use your budget to generate actual vs. budget reports

To import your budget

Select Budgeting from the gear icon


Our business moved from something that was really small to something 10x the size. I know I wanted greater oversight, our investors wanted greater oversight, and QuickBooks Online Advanced gave that to us.
Jono Kupferberg
CEO, STS Footwear
QuickBooks Online Advanced customer

We were on a time crunch, and I realized the dedicated support of QuickBooks Online Advanced was exactly what we needed to get through tax season… and get our books in check.
Jose Oglesby
Owner, Wenatchee Applesox
QuickBooks Online Advanced customer

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Frequently asked questions
89% of QuickBooks customers say it was easy to get
QuickBooks up and running**
37% invoicing claim: Based off of internal tests comparing QuickBooks Online regular invoice workflow with QuickBooks Online Advanced multiple invoice workflow. QuickBooks Online Advanced supports the upload of 1,000 transaction lines for invoices at one time. Number of invoices imported depends on number of transaction lines in the .CSV file. Customer received payment for participating in the tests.
Custom fields: Up to 48 unique active custom fields available only in Sales forms, Purchase Orders, and Customer Info.If a unique custom field is duplicated in any of the aforementioned templates, the number of customizable fields will decrease.
Smart reporting powered by Fathom: QuickBooks Online Advanced includes one license of Smart Reporting powered by Fathom at no additional charge. Fathom supports up to 3,000 active or inactive accounts in the QuickBooks Online chart of accounts, and up to 20 classes for the importing, reporting, and analysis of QuickBooks data. Additional Fathom licenses can be purchased at $39 per month, as of 1/07/2020.  https://support.fathomhq.com/integrations/quickbooks/import-class-data-from-quickbooks-online