Turn your iPad into a time clock

Enjoy the freedom of a simple clock-in process with a 4-digit PIN and accurate payroll with QuickBooks Time Kiosk on your iPad or tablet.
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A modern clocking-in solution

QuickBooks Time Kiosk is an easy, cost-effective punch time clock alternative. It works on any device with an internet connection. Turn an iPad or a tablet into a time clock with an app that’s easy for employees to use and easy for administrators to collect accurate hours for payroll from. Employees simply clock in with a 4-digit pin to track time against jobs, equipment, departments, and more.

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7 ways to track time

From an iPad time clock app to a mobile app, QuickBooks Time gives you options. Every business is unique — which is why we give you so many choices to track time. Use your iPad as an employee time clock, take advantage of the iPhone and Android apps for mobile employees, use the handy Chrome widget for desktop, and more!

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Simple shift scheduling

Say goodbye to Excel spreadsheets and juggling employee hours for a weekly schedule. Say hello to QuickBooks Time scheduling, allowing for quick and easy shift management. QuickBooks Time scheduling software makes it faster and easier to build schedules and share them with employees, assign jobs and shifts, and keep your workforce in the know. QuickBooks Time saves users, on average, 3 hours a week managing employee time.*

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