Apparel & Accessories

Apparel & Accessories

The Point of Sale solution for
clothing, shoes, accessories, and jewelry stores

Seasonal inventory


Seasonal inventory


Get automatic notifications when it’s time to reorder a type of product. Whether it’s sunglasses for summer, or down vests for winter, with QuickBooks POS you will know what to order and when.

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Custom tags

Custom reporting

Wholesale discounts

Customer discounts

More QuickBooks POS features for your
apparel and accessories business

Accept payments by credit and debit cards, and more

QuickBooks POS integrates with QuickBooks Payments2 to allow your customers to pay the way they want – by debit or credit card, or by cash or check. Learn more


Track your inventory with ease

Easily manage your inventory – see what items are selling so you know what to reorder and when. Know what profit you’re making on every item and identify what discounts to offer. Learn more


Run the reports you need in a snap

With QuickBooks POS, let the system do the work for you with end-of-day, X-out, and Z-out reports.

Offer loyalty programs to keep customers coming back

Bump up your customer loyalty by offering gift cards and customer reward programs. Reward your best customers when they check out, or email them a coupon or promo. Learn more


Manage your store and your staff in one place

QuickBooks POS lets your employees clock in and out within the system. It also gives you visibility into what’s selling and when, so you can schedule extra employees when you need them.


Syncs with QuickBooks Desktop to save time and effort3

QuickBooks POS easily syncs with your QuickBooks Desktop to run reports like tax liability, financial information, and inventory assets. Learn more

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“As an apparel retailer with a service business in-store plus web operations, Intuit brings to the table ease of use with amazing features that include back-office inventory and purchasing support with no double entry. I started as with 1 small boutique, [and now have] a multi-store operation.”


-Actual QuickBooks Point of Sale customer

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