Increase sales with POS gift cards for
small and retail businesses

Now offering QuickBooks POS gift cards


With customizable designs and no fees for your customers, POS gift cards
are the perfect addition to your retail business.

  • Customizable with your retail store's logo
  • No fees for your customers to purchase or redeem
  • Easy online ordering
  • $14.95/month includes the first 100 transactions1
  • Monthly transactions over 100 are an additional $.20/transaction
  • Requires a Point of Sale Payments account and gift card purchase. Minimum quantity for gift card purchase is 150 and pricing starts at $.95/card.2
  • If you are a QuickBooks POS customer already: enroll in Gift Card service managed by Givex today3

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    Or call, 1-877-478-7733 ext. 2

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Increase your clientele and see more with POS gift cards.

Offer the gift that everyone wants – gift cards.


Gift cards are a popular gift. When you sell POS gift cards, your customers will be thrilled to find exactly what their friends and family want.

POS gift cards
POS gift card

Gift cards – the gift that keeps giving.


Receiving your custom-branded gift card could lead to someone discovering your store. Bonus:  72% of gift card recipients are likely to spend more than the value of the Gift Card.4 With a POS gift card program, not only could you gain a new client, you may sell more.

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