Track & Manage Inventory with
QuickBooks Desktop Point of Sale

Integrating inventory management just got a whole lot easier.


QuickBooks Desktop Point of Sale delivers real-time inventory
management that can will help you grow your business.


A point of sale system should easily integrate your inventory and make your business better.

Know when to restock your inventory.


When you’re managing a business, one of the worst experiences is running out of the products your customers are clamoring for. Don’t ever get caught without enough inventory again. With every transaction that you ring up, your inventory software is updated so you’ll know when you need to reorder. Costly inventory stock outs can finally become a thing of the past.

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Better understand your customers.


Inventory management software isn’t just about giving you a bird’s eye view of your business in a spreadsheet. It’s about connecting with your customers so you can fulfill their needs better. You’ll see in black and white exactly what your customers are buying — or not buying — so you can adjust your product mix and better control your available inventory from your point of sale system. Your customers will be better served, and your business can be more profitable.

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Gain insights for more profitability.


Desktop Point of Sale has it’s own flexible, easy-to-understand reports with a dozen different filters you can apply. In seconds, you can learn key things that will help you manage your business to greater profitability. You’ll quickly learn exactly what you’re selling. You’ll find out what your biggest sellers are and learn when you need to restock. And when you discount merchandise, you’ll find out if you’re actually increasing sales or just giving a markdown. Not sure how to price an item? Desktop Point of Sale can help you with that, too.

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Scales with your business.


When your business grows, Desktop Point of Sale grows with you. Whether you’re increasing inventory, adding SKUs, or adding new stores, Desktop Point of Sale will be right there with you. You can even manage inventory levels across multiple stores from one location. There’s no reason to switch to change point of sale systems or switch to a new product because of your success! We’re your partner for the life of your business.

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Get real-time inventory control year round.


QuickBooks Desktop Point of Sale system not only works around the clock, it works around the year. If you have a seasonal business, Desktop Point of Sale can automatically notify you when it’s that time of year to order more products. Summer is approaching? Your POS can tell you it’s time to increase your inventory of flip-flops. Winter’s coming? Time to order more mittens, and Desktop Point of Sale knows it.

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Adding your current inventory to POS is a snap.


Anytime you integrate a new point of sale solution, it’s understandable to ask how much work it’s going to take. But with the QuickBooks Desktop Point of Sale, you don’t have to worry. You can easily move your existing inventory into a point of sale system in any number of ways, including straight from an Excel spreadsheet.

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Key inventory management benefits
of QuickBooks Desktop Point of Sale.

  • Know what’s selling and what’s not
  • Find out how much profit you make on each item
  • Find out if you actually increase sales when you do markdowns
  • Know when you need to reorder
  • Scales with your business

How to add new inventory to your POS in 3 easy steps.

Adding new inventory into your QuickBooks POS system won’t be difficult. You just follow these quick steps:


  1. Click the Item List quick button. Or use the Item List icon in the Navigator window.
  2. If you’re starting from scratch, click “I Want to Add” in the top dropdown menu.
  3. Then add all the details you want about the items you sell. Simple as that.

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