Sell online or in-store. Manage all of it in one place.

One dashboard gives you an accurate inventory snapshot, so you can make more profitable decisions.

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See what’s selling, what’s not, and how much you’re making

Inventory updates give you greater control over pricing, profit margins, markdowns, sales performance, and re-order dates.1

Manage inventory

Identify top sellers, peak sales periods, and optimum pricing to support business growth and provide personalized customer service.

  • Prevent overselling online and in-store with automatic inventory updates.2
  • Easily track and manage details such as vendor, department, style, size, color, etc.
  • Spot critical sales trends with advanced reporting.
  • Manage inventory levels across multiple stores from one place.

Gain insights for more profitability

Identify business strengths and opportunities with easy to understand reporting.

  • Inventory turn statistics show which items to always have in stock and which items to cycle out.
  • Set reorder points to receive alerts when it is time to place a new Purchase Order.
  • Key customer reports identify your most loyal customers and offer incentives.
  • When it’s time to Z-out, your POS data syncs automatically with QuickBooks financial software.1 So you’re ready for your next day, every day.

Take advantage of new sales opportunities

QuickBooks Point of Sale scales with your business as new opportunities arise.

  • Easily increase inventory or add new SKUs.
  • Add additional stores and manage inventory across sales channels from one location.
  • Ecommerce integration gives you one place to manage all your business—both online and in-store.3
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Build customer relationships

Provide customers with great service to keep them coming back.

  • Find your best customers and understand their buying trends.
  • Ensure that top sellers are always in stock to meet demand.
  • See what’s selling and what’s not to adjust your product mix.

Get real-time inventory control year round

An integrated sales and inventory management software system that flexes with your business needs.

  • Designed to support all sales cycles—whether your business is steady year round or seasonal.
  • Sales trends will identify top products you should always have in stock.
  • Set reorder points to ensure you’re ready for seasonal peaks.
QuickBooks Desktop POS:one system for all your sales channels
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