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Vendor refund to credit card (Quickbooks online)

How to enter Vendor refund to credit card on outstanding credit memo
We entered a bill for a vendor invoice that was prepaid with a credit card.  We then were issued a credit from the supplier for overcharged freight and we entered that as a credit memo. The supplier then refunded the amount of the credit to our credit card. 

How do we we handle this in QB? There's an outstanding credit memo on the vendor account and we need to somehow apply the refund to the credit card and the credit memo. 
Level 15

Re: Vendor refund to credit card (Quickbooks online)

plus menu vendors>credit card credit

use accounts payable as the account for the amount received and enter the amount, save

use pay bills, select the bill the CC credit created and apply the vendor credit, save

Level 1

Re: Vendor refund to credit card (Quickbooks online)

I was not able to save the transaction, a transaction amount must be set.  Thanks

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