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QuickBooks Point of Sale,
powered by Revel Systems

Run your business effortlessly.



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Features to Simplify Your Life:




Run your entire shop with an
iPad POS solution.

Ring in sales and accept credit cards. Manage vendors and inventory. Build customer relationships. Automate your banking and market your business. 




Always On Mode.
Even when the Internet is down.

If all else fails, our Always On Mode allows you to continue to take credit card payments so that you don't lose a sale1



Make your
end-of-day end faster.

Integrates with QuickBooks2. Sales information gets automatically entered into your accounting software. No more double entries. 



Online Access. Anytime, Anywhere. 

Back office activities no longer need to be performed in-store. Use our online web dashboard to view and check reports on your sales, inventory and staffing hours.3



Seamless credit card processing.

Our integrated payments solution saves you time and minimizes errors4



Growing with you.

We will configure your system with the categories you define that are unique to your business needs - whether you're a retailer or a quick serve restaurant owner. When you're ready to grow, your data's readily available.

It's not for the masses. It's for you. 

We'll set you up with the right mix of components for your exact needs.
Your system may include the following:



Wired Bar Code Scanner


QuickBooks Point of Sale powered by Revel Systems and iPad Stand + Cash Drawer (iPad included)


PIN Pad with Integrated Card Swipe


Receipt Printer

Watch how QuickBooks Point of Sale,
powered by Revel Systems works.



How to Ring Sales with QuickBooks Point of Sale, powered by Revel Systems 

How to Add Inventory Items with QuickBooks Point of Sale, powered by Revel Systems 



How to use Always On Mode with QuickBooks Point of Sale, powered by Revel Systems

Run your entire shop anytime, anywhere.



QuickBooks Point of Sale,
powered by Revel Systems


Take payments, check inventory, learn
what sells and a lot more.


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  • Ring sales, accept credit cards and track inventory
  • Fully featured and easy to use iPad Point of Sale System
  • Always on Mode allows payments without Internet access
  • Connects with QuickBooks2; downloads transactions 


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Frequently Asked Questions


Why QuickBooks Point of Sale, powered by Revel?

Q: What does QuickBooks Point of Sale, powered by Revel do?


A: QuickBooks Point of Sale, powered by Revel Systems is a new online iPad Point-of-Sale solution that works seamlessly with QuickBooks. It is tailored to your business needs and it’s easy to manage your operations thanks to these features:

  • Ring Sales and Manage Inventory: A fully featured iPad POS to ring sales, take payments and track transactions, inventory and customers. 
  • Online Access Anytime, Anywhere: Online web access allows you to view and check reports on your sales, inventory and staffing hours anytime, anywhere - you're no longer tied to being in-store.
  • Don't Lose a Sale with Always On Mode: Allows you to take payments and keep sales data in the event of an Internet outage. 
  • Auto Payment Reconciliation: Payments automatically deposit into QuickBooks. 
  • Integrates with QB, saving time: Automatically sync and reconcile into QuickBooks including payments. 
  • Latest Software Updates: Always get the latest software versions as released inlcluding feature updates, without additional cost (included in montly subscription fees). 


Q: How does credit card processing work?

A: You can process credit card payments quickly and easily by using a QuickBooks Point of Sale Payments Account5. Your transactions are automatically recorded right in Point of Sale, no more going back and forth to a separate terminal, no more double data entry and you’ll reduce errors.

Where can I buy?

Q: Where can I buy QuickBooks Point of Sale, powered by Revel Systems?


A: QuickBooks Point of Sale, powered by Revel Systems can be purchased by calling our sales agents at 877-282-0782 or working with a local certified Intuit Reseller.  Click here to find a Reseller near you.  


Q: How much does it cost?


A: Pricing will depend on your business needs. Your Retail Solutions Consultant will work with you to configure your system based on your business requirements.  Call us at 877-282-0782 for details.


Q: Can I try the product?


A: Our Retail Solutions consultant will contact you for a free consultation/demo. Just simply fill out this form and we will contact you shortly. 

How do I setup and get customer support?

Q: How do I setup and install QuickBooks Point of Sale, powered by Revel Systems?


A: Please refer to the User Manual that will be included in your product purchase, call (800) 914-2688 or email QBPOS@revelsystems.com.


Q: Who do I call for customer support?


A: If you need further customer support, please call (800) 914-2688. We are open during these times: 6AM-8PM (PST) Mon-Fri, 7AM-4PM (PST) Sat-Sun.


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Important offers, pricing details, and disclaimers
  1. QuickBooks POS, powered by Revel systems is setup to run on WiFi. In the event that WiFi is down, the POS system will keep running by switching to a Local Area Connection. If all internet connectivity is lost, the POS can continue to take credit card payments in Always On Mode. Businesses can control and set risk thresholds for taking payments offline by: 1) Setting a single offline payment maximum, and/or 2) Setting maximum total amount of all unprocessed offline payments.  Please note that credit cards taken in Always On Mode may not be fully authorized until Internet connectivity is reestablished. Intuit is not liable for any failed or declined transactions made while in Always On Mode.
  2. QuickBooks Point of Sale, powered by Revel Systems, integrates with QuickBooks Online, Quickbooks Desktop Pro/Premier 2015 and higher, and QuickBooks Enterprise 2015 and higher. Sold Separately. QuickBooks Online integration includes QBO, Payments and Payroll.  QuickBooks Desktop integration includes QuickBooks Desktop and Payments.
  3. In addition to accessing the POS System in store, businesses can access an online dashboard from anywhere using a device that supports a web browser (such as a laptop or iPad). Access subject to Internet Provider availability.
  4. QuickBooks Payments accounts are subject to credit and application approval. See the Merchant Agreement for complete terms and conditions, including additional pricing information.  To apply, you must be eligible under our Acceptable Use Policy.  Terms, conditions, prices, payment, features and services are subject to change.
  5. QuickBooks Payments for POS PIN Debit rates are 1%, Swiped card rates are 2.3% and Keyed card rates are 3.2%  There is a $0.25 fee per transaction.  Please call an agent at (800) 450-8129  for more details on card rates. Internet access required to process all transactions and PIN Pad hardware is required to accept PIN debit transactions, sold separately.  

Terms and conditions, features, support, pricing and service options subject to change without notice.