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About QuickBooks integration preferences in QuickBooks Time

SOLVEDby QuickBooks45Updated December 26, 2023

After integrating QuickBooks Time and QuickBooks Online or QuickBooks Desktop, find more options or edit your original options in QuickBooks Integration Preferences.

This article will outline all the preferences and options you will find in this window.

In QuickBooks Time, select QuickBooks, then select Preferences.

Choose what timesheets should show

These are the options that employees will see on their time cards and what their time will be tracked against.

Note: For any selection you make, all changes to that field must be made in QuickBooks and then synced to QuickBooks Time.

  • Customers & sub-customers: If checked, a customer selection is required on timesheets. You can assign these customers later
  • Service Items: If checked, a service item selection is required on timesheets. 
  • Billable yes/no choice: If checked, team members can mark timesheets as billable or not billable. Billable timesheets can be used when invoicing in QuickBooks.
    • Require billable yes/no choice: The billable choice is required before clock-out. 
    • Billable rate: If checked, team members can enter a billable rate on timesheets. 
  • Class: If class tracking is turned on in QuickBooks, this field can be selected. If selected, a class selection is required on timesheets.
  • Location: If location tracking is turned on in QuickBooks, this field can be selected. The name of the field varies based on what the field is named in QuickBooks. If selected in QuickBooks Time, the field is required on timesheets.

Exporting time to QuickBooks

These options aren't available with an active payroll subscription.

  • Export Approved Timesheets when Syncing (QuickBooks Desktop only): Select this box when you are ready to export approved timesheets during a sync with QuickBooks Desktop. 
  • Don't export timesheets prior to this date: Select the calendar icon, then select a date. No time before that set date will export to QuickBooks during syncs.

Automatic import from QuickBooks (QuickBooks Online only)

The QuickBooks Online integration offers an automatic import of any new or edited information in QuickBooks to QuickBooks Time. If you don’t use payroll, you can restrict this by deselecting any options you don’t want imported.

Email subscriptions (QuickBooks Desktop only)

Email a status report after each QuickBooks sync: Opt to have the sync report (select the QuickBooks dropdown, then Sync Log) sent to your email.

Other options

  • Import contractors as team members: adds your contractors to QuickBooks Time as team members.
    • Import vendors as team members: adds your 1099 vendors to QuickBooks Time as team members. They must have a first and last name in QuickBooks to import.
  • Disable notifications after each QuickBooks sync error (QuickBooks Desktop only): errors will still appear in the sync log, but you'll no longer get a notification.

Payroll item mapping tool (Payroll only)

If you have a payroll subscription, before exporting time, be sure your employees are set up with payroll items. Use this tool to map their QuickBooks payroll items to the appropriate time types in QuickBooks Time (for example: regular, overtime, time off, and so on).

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