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Can I get technical support.

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QuickBooks Team

Can I get technical support.

Hello, @vicky-smith.


Welcome to the QuickBooks Community. I'll be happy to provide you with some technical support.


Please reply below with your questions and I'll work to get those resolved for you.


If you would prefer to speak to someone over the phone, you can contact support here.


I'll be keeping an eye out for your reply.

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Can I get technical support.

I lost my password app on my iPhone so I don't remember my passwords to my quickbook companies and, as a result am unable to sign in to them.  How can I create new passwords to access my companies?

QuickBooks Team

Can I get technical support.

Thanks for posting in the Community, @Dw06261971. I'm here assist with getting you access to your accounts. 


When a user is having trouble signing into their QuickBooks Online account, they can reset their password and/or have their ID sent to them. Here's how:


  1. Visit
  2. Choose I forgot my user ID or Password.
  3. Enter the required information, such as phone number, email address or user ID and click Continue.
  4. Follow on the instructions provided onscreen. Additionally, you'll receive an email with a password reset link if you have used your email address or user ID to verify the account. 


For additional insight into this, such as what to do if you don't receive an email, please see the following article: I Forgot My User ID or Password.


This resource should get you pointed in the right direction for accessing your accounts and back to business. 


Let me know if I can be of additional assistance by posting below. Hope you have a good rest of your week. 

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Can I get technical support.

During installation QB 2019  I am getting Error 1723 

What should I do ?


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Can I get technical support.

Hello SvetlanaNY,


Error 1723 means that there is a problem with the Windows installer package. This may be caused by a damaged Windows installer. To fix this, perform the solutions in the order shown.


Solution 1: Edit the permissions in your Windows %temp% folder

  1. On your keyboard, press the Windows key to bring up the search field.
  2. Type %temp%, then press Enter. The Windows TEMP folder opens.
  3. Open Properties.
    • For Windows 10, 8.1, and 8: Go to the Home tab, then select Properties.
    • For Windows 7: From the Organize drop-down, select Properties.
  4. On the Properties window, go to the Security tab, then choose Edit.
  5. Highlight your Windows username. Under the Allow column, put a check mark on Full Control.
  6. Select OK twice, then reinstall QuickBooks Desktop.

Solution 2: Download and run the QBInstall Diagnostic Tool


Let us know if you have any questions. 

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Can I get technical support.

When I try to import changes from the web after sending accountant's copy, an error icon pops up. How do I remove this pop up icon?

QuickBooks Team

Can I get technical support.

Hi @601,


There are a few reasons why you're getting an error when importing your accountant's changes from the web. Let me provide them to you and help you from there.

  • Some errors occur when importing changes from your accountant. Some of these include:
  • You are importing the changes to the wrong company file.
  • The Accountant's Copy restriction was removed.
  • The file with pending Accountant's Changes was upgraded to a new version or edition of QuickBooks Desktop.

Also, there are several options you can consider to fix these errors.


One option is to open the correct company file where the changes should be imported.


Another is to save the files on your local drive. Or save the file to your local drive if you're importing them from a USB or thumb drive.


If these steps don't work, you can run your Verify and Rebuild Data utilities to fix the damage.


You may read this article for more information: Resolve Errors and Unexpected Results When Importing Accountant's Changes.


Please fill me in if you have any other concerns. I'll be here to provide assistance.

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Can I get technical support.

I am trying sign in online to consolidate multiple accounts I have on your records.  When I go through process and try sign into page I just get rotating circle and can't access page.

QuickBooks Team

Can I get technical support.

Hello there, @BAP.


I'm here with you today to help check why you can't access your account.


If you're trying to log in to your QuickBooks Online (QBO) account/company, it's possible that your browser's cache is bogged down with older data which may cause the issue. To verify this further, first, you may need to access your account using a private browser and check if you'll be able to sign in successfully from there.


To access your account using a private browser, you may use either of these shortcut keys:


  • Google Chrome, press CTRL  Shift N
  • Mozilla Firefox: press CTRL  Shift P
  • Internet Explorer: press CTRL  Shift P
  • Safari: press Command Shift N

If it works successfully using the private browser, access your account using the original browser and clear the cache. In addition, using another supported browsers can also help us narrow down the cause of this unexpected behavior.


If the issue continues, I recommend getting in touch with our Support Team to check and investigate this further securely. For the support's contact information, you may check it here: Contact the QuickBooks Online Customer Support team.


In case you have any other QuickBooks concerns, you may check our help articles for your future reference: QBO help articles.


Please don't hesitate to add a post/comment below if you have any other QuickBooks questions, I'll be right here to help you however I can. Wishing you the best!

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Can I get technical support.

haha. there is no phone number there, just more typing trying to find that 24/7 support


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Can I get technical support.

I put in the wrong password this morning and can't get in my Quickbooks. This is a chamber. The woman that set Quickbooks up is no longer here. She left no notes. I am the only employee. The rest are volunteers.


Please help me reset my password. I've spent all morning trying to do so by following instructions on yur site. Thanks.

QuickBooks Team

Can I get technical support.

Hello @nkeith7878,


Good to see you here in the QuickBooks Community.


QuickBooks Online will ask few information as security measures when resetting the password. You will need to contact your admin to add you as a user so you can log in to the company.


When processing of resetting the password, you'll receive an email from Intuit with the link to reset your password. Click on it and you'll be routed to enter your new password. Check out this article for a reference:Forgot password or user ID. How do I reset?

Don't hesitate to leave a comment below if you have additional questions about User's information. I'm always help to help you out. 

Level 1

Can I get technical support.

Had to reinstall Quickbooks PRO 2017 after a faulty Windows 10 update. The Quickbooks PPRO upgrade system keeps crashing with an error 404

Level 1

Can I get technical support.

I downloaded the Patch as instructed. The patch will not integrate por launch



Can I get technical support.

Hi there, Laserfish.


Thanks for letting me know that you've tried to reinstall QuickBooks Pro 2017. 


You can try to clean install your QuickBooks Desktop. It'll removes the recent operating system as well as the user files during the installation. It works better to fix company files issues: You check check out the clean install QuickBooks Desktop article to get more details with this.


You can try logging in to your system as Admin user.  You can also check out the internet connection setting on your machine. Then, you'll have to open Internet Explorer (IE). Once internet is connected, try to download the update. Here's the article that you can check out for further details: Configure  Internet Explorer to work with QuickBooks Payments and related applications.


You may also wan to check for additional solution that you can use: Configure firewall security settings for Desktop.


Let me know how the solutions work on your end. I'll be right here.

Level 1

Can I get technical support.

Hi, I can not get into quickbooks online because of technical problems on your end. It has been 2 weeks on and off. Is there another way I can access quickbooks online. Thanks!


Can I get technical support.

Hello there, tworks. Yes, there is another way for you to get into QuickBooks Online.


If your browser has too much data,  QuickBooks might not work properly . We have recommended troubleshooting steps for QBO. It helps you sign in to account smoothly without any unexpected behavior.


Please follow these steps and let's see how it works on your end.


  1. Log in to your QuickBooks account using an incognito window. 
  2. If you're able to log in successfully, you can clear the cache on your regular browser. 
  3. Another option is to use supported browsers with QuickBooks.


If the steps above won't work, you can try using QuickBooks App. If you consider using this one, let's create a QuickBooks icon you desktop.


Here are the steps on how you can do it:

  1. Open the browser you usually use for QuickBooks Online.
  2. Go to the sign-in page:
  3. You'll see a Lock icon right beside the website address.
  4. Drag and drop it on your desktop screen.


If the issue persists on your end where you're unable to log in, please contact our specialist to help you further with this. Click here to get our phone number.


Please get back to me if you have follow-up questions with the steps I've shared with you. I'm just right here to help you out. I wish your business continued to succeed! Happy Holidays!

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Can I get technical support.

I’m new to QB. Trying to use “guide me” to get started but the video tutorials are not opening.

Error message:

The requested URL was not found on this server.


Can you help?


Can I get technical support.

Thanks and welcome aboard to the Community, @AmyKHW.


Yes, I'd be glad to help you out with navigating your QuickBooks. I'm attaching alternative links that contain some video tutorials and user guides to guide you along the process:



I also suggest visiting the Test drive QuickBooks Online article. You can use the available QuickBooks test drives to practice navigating and see how the features work.


Stay in touch whenever you have additional questions about QBO. I’m here to make sure you’re taken care of. Have a great rest of the day.

Level 1

Can I get technical support.

Thank you for your assistance. I will use the links!

Level 1

Can I get technical support.

Sorry, the help I need is for a desktop version - 2019

QuickBooks Team

Can I get technical support.

Thanks for the quick response, @AmyKHW.

There are lots of getting started articles for QuickBooks Desktop. I’m adding them down below for you to use and familiarize the product. 


You can also check out some video tutorials online since we’re still on the process of updating the old ones. 

If you need further assistance, let me know by leaving a comment. I’m here for you. Take care!

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Can I get technical support.

I'm locked out.   I ran some resets with token # and it said to contact you

Anna S
QuickBooks Team

Can I get technical support.

Hey there, @bontonjr.


Nice to have you in the Community. I'm happy to help you fix your locked out issue.


Based on the information you've provided, I assume you're having trouble logging into your QuickBooks account. A lockout can happen when you've entered the token numbers or password too many times, but no worries, it only lasts 15 minutes. I suggest resetting your password and try logging in again. Here's how:

  1. Go to
  2. Select I forgot my user ID or Password.
  3. Enter your phone number, email address, or user ID and choose Continue.
  4. Follow the onscreen instructions and verify your account with your email or phone number.
  5. Log back into your QuickBooks account.

You can also change the phone number and email address on the account by going to You may also find this article about changing your login information helpful as well.


Please don't hesitate to touch base with me here if you need any additional assistance. I'm always here to help.

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