Rates and fees below reflect current information as of October 27, 2015.

These pricing terms apply to “Standard Customers.” Standard Customers are customers who are not our “Legacy Customers” (defined below) and include customers who sign up for our service beginning on August 2, 2014.  Standard Customers receive “Standard Pricing.”


This pricing schedule provides the rates and fees that apply to your use of QuickBooks payments, ACH (electronic bank payment/e-Invoicing) and other payment processing services (collectively “Services”) and is part of your Merchant Agreement with Intuit Inc., Intuit Payment Solutions, LLC and/or its subsidiaries and affiliates.

Unless special promotional pricing, offers or exclusions apply to you or you are a Legacy Customer, the following rates and fees below apply to all Discover, JCB, MasterCard (“MC”), Visa and American Express credit cards and debit cards (including PINless transactions). Except as stated in this schedule, all other fees apply to customers with Standard Pricing.


“Point of Sale” transactions are transactions that use QuickBooks point of sale software to process payments. Such transactions are referred to as “QB POS Payments.”  All other transactions are considered “QB Payments”

Standard Pricing

Plan Type

QB Payments

Non- Monthly

QB Payments

Monthly Plan

QB POS Payments

fee plan

fee plan

fee plan

Monthly Fee




Swiped Rate-Credit/ Debit Card


1.60%* *


Keyed Rate- Credit/ Debit Card/PayPal*


3.20%* *


Pin Debit Rate




Per Transaction




Per ACH*





See Section 3.

See Section 3.

See Section 3.

* PayPal – Accepting payments via PayPal is only supported through QuickBooks Online
* *Standard Customers who signed up for the service between August 2, 2014 and October 26, 2015 are charged 1.75% and 3.15% for Swiped Rate- Credit/Debit Card and Keyed Rate- Credit/ Debit Card, respectively.


  • You may only switch from a non-monthly plan to a monthly plan (or vice versa) once during a consecutive 12-month period.
  • Starting at approval or first use (depending on service you select) you will be automatically charged on a per transaction or monthly basis at the then current transaction and/or monthly fees until you cancel.
  • * ACH/ ELECTRONIC BANK PAYMENT PROCESSING (E-INVOICING). A per transaction fee will apply for each ACH or electronic bank payment we process on your behalf. Additional fees (such as chargeback, rejection and other miscellaneous fees) may also apply. QuickBooks Desktop Users on Windows versions from 2013 or earlier and all Mac Version Users must apply separately for ACH/ electronic bank payment processing and other ACH payment services.
  • Some customers (including customers with a channel sales partner) may not be eligible for the above pricing.
  • Customers processing payments with one of our authorized partners: Customers on a monthly plan pay a monthly fee of $19.95 and 2.70% of the transaction amount plus $0.25 cents per transaction and miscellaneous fees in Section 3. Customers on a non-monthly plan pay 2.85% of the transaction amount plus $0.25 cents per transaction and miscellaneous fees in Section 3.
  • Selected qualified merchants may receive promotional or channel pricing: Contact an Intuit sales representative for applicable pricing information for ProAdvisors, Accountants and other promotional offers.

The following additional fees will  apply to your use of Services and Add-On Services.


Fee Type


Chargeback Fee

You are also responsible for the full chargeback amount.

ACH/Electronic Bank Reject Fee


Returned Check Fee


Note: These fees below are less common and generally arise under the situations  further described in the Merchant Agreement.


Escheat Research Fee


Third Party Administrative Fee (for Liens and Garnishments)

               $25, if your account is deemed abandoned


Investigation and Security
Processing Fees

These fees may apply in certain circumstances. See Section 18 the Merchant Agreement for further details.

Termination Fees

Fees at termination will apply in certain circumstances. See Section 28, 42 and 43 of the Merchant Agreement for further details.

Card or Payment Network Penalties, Fines and Other Fees

You are responsible for fees as a consequence of your use or misuse of the Services or your card processing activities.


4. ADD-ON SERVICES PRICING. Fees for Add-On Services will only apply to you if you have opted to include these Add-On Services to your account and been approved by our Underwriting Department.


  • For PCI service on non-monthly plan accounts, a $9.95 per month fee applies.

Equipment fees may apply to certain payment hardware and software. For current pricing click here.

“Legacy Customers” are customers who (a) entered into a Merchant Agreement with us on or before August 1, 2014; (b) use Intuit Point of Sale software, version 10 or below; (c) use Intuit Point of Sale software, version 11 prior to February 15, 2015 unless you were notified of an upgrade to Standard Pricing; (d) use QuickBooks for Mac; or (e) signed up for our service via one of our authorized partners where the customer was notified of applicable pricing.

All rates and fees are in US dollars and subject to change upon notice to you. Where required, we will provide 30 days advance notice.  We may provide you notice by posting updated pricing or terms on our site or sending you e-mail communication. Price changes are effective on the date indicated on our notice or terms.   By continuing to access and use the Services after we have provided you the price change, you are agreeing to such change. To view and understand the exact rates and fees that have been applied to your transactions (along other fees), sign into your account online and view your statement. In the event of a conflict between the rates and fees in your monthly statement or notifications, your Merchant Application and this Pricing Schedule, your monthly statement rates and fees will control first then your Merchant Application rates and fees. All fees stated in this Pricing Schedule are fees that Intuit charges you and are not fees charged to you directly by the card and payment networks.  Services are provided by Intuit Inc. and our subsidiaries, including Intuit Payment Solutions LLC..  We use third parties to provide Services to you.


Address: Intuit Inc. is at 2700 Coast Avenue Mountain View, CA 94043; Intuit Payments Solutions LLC. is at 2700 Coast Avenue Mountain View, CA 94043.


We do not charge a cancellation fee if you terminate Services. However, we may, in accordance with the Merchant Agreement, charge fees if you violate the terms of the Merchant Agreement or rules of our service providers or if you were notified of such fee upon signing up for the service. Merchants are paid per the terms of the Merchant Agreement.


Updated October 27, 2015