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QuickBooks power stand FAQs

by Intuit Updated 3 months ago

Learn more about the QuickBooks power stand.

Find out how to use the QuickBooks power stand and the most commonly asked questions.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I turn off and on the power stand?  

To turn the stand on, press and hold the power button on the back of the stand until the LED indicators come on. The Power Stand turns off automatically when it's not in use. The power button turns the stand on. You don't need to turn it off.

How much battery power is in the power stand?  

The power stand’s capacity is 4800 milli-Amp-hours. That’s enough to fully charge the card reader and a typical phone.

How do I tell how much battery power is left in the power stand?  

There are four LEDs on the back of the power stand near the Power button. Fully charged (4 LEDs), ¾ charged (3 LEDs), ½ charged (2 LEDs), and low battery (1 LED).

How do I charge the power stand?  

Use the power cable and power adapter you get with the product. Plug the cable into the upper or lower USB-C port on the power stand. Then, plug the power adapter into the wall outlet. When you charge the power stand, the LED lights animate. When the reader has a full charge, four lights display on the back of the power stand.

If I charge or plug the power stand into the wall, can I still use it?

Yes. QuickBooks Power Stand can continue to charge the card reader and another device while you charge it. Use the lower USB-C port to charge the power stand and the upper USB-C port to charge your other device.

How do I charge the reader on the power stand?  

The card reader attaches magnetically to the top of the power stand. It'll charge wirelessly. Face the card reader up and put it on top of the power stand so the two green faces come together. When the reader is close, the magnets pull it into place on top of the power stand. Press the Power button on the power stand to ensure the unit is on and it is charges the reader.

How do I disconnect the reader from the power stand?  

Pull the card reader away from the power stand. This disconnects the magnets and the charge.

Which way does the reader need to face on the power stand? Is there a front or a back?  

The teeth on the top of the power stand makes sure the card reader is in the center. As long as it's on the center, you're good to go.

Will the magnets on the top of the power stand wipe my magnetic stripe credit cards?

No. The magnets on the stand are not powerful enough to damage the magstripe. We still recommend you keep any magnetic media away from the top of the stand.

Can I leave the reader on the power stand after it's charged?

Yes. The power stand turns off if you run it on battery power. If you need to charge the card reader again, turn the stand on.

How do I charge a phone or other device with the power stand?  

Plug in a cable with a USB-C connector (not included) into the upper USB-C port near the Power button. The lower port on the power stand only takes power in. It won't charge another device. Press the Power button on the power stand to make sure it has power.

Can I charge another wireless-charging device on top of the power stand?  

No. The QuickBooks power stand exclusively works with the QuickBooks Card Reader. The locating features on the power stand might interfere with any other devices.

The power stand isn't certified to the general Qi standard. The QuickBooks Card Reader is designed only to be used with the QuickBooks Power Stand. Both have features such as locating magnets and matching shapes. With the devices not being Qi-certified, we can't say they work with other Qi-certified charging devices, even if they happen to work in some cases.

Help with the QuickBooks power stand

The QuickBooks Card Reader isn’t charging when I place it on the QuickBooks Power Stand.

To charge the card reader, make sure you turn the power stand on. Pressing and hold down the Power button.

The power stand isn’t turning on when I push and hold the Power button. 

Make sure you hold the Power button down until the LEDs light up. If this doesn't work, plug the power stand into the wall to reset the Power button. Then turn it on with the unit plugged in.

My other device isn’t charging when it is plugged into the power stand. 

Make sure you turn on the power stand. Press and hold down the power button. If that doesn't work, make sure you plug in the power cable to the upper USB-C port. You can't charge on the lower port. The lower port on the power stand only takes power in.

Is the power stand waterproof?  

No. Keep it away from water. 

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