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Multi Monitor Support: Unsupported Display Arrangement

by Intuit Updated 8 months ago

While trying to enter QuickBooks Multi-Monitor Mode in QuickBooks 2018 and later, you may receive an error "QuickBooks can't enter Multi-Monitor Mode ".

There are a few reasons for this error:

  • Using One Window View mode: If you have the preference (Edit-Preferences-Desktop View) set to One Window, you will not be able to use Multi-Monitor Mode. To fix this, change the preference to Multiple Windows instead of One Window.
  • Using QuickBooks in Super Max mode (certain transaction form windows allow you to maximize it to the entire screen). To fix this, unmaximize the transaction window and you will be able to enter multi-monitor mode.

Other problems which can prevent you from accessing Multi-Monitor mode in QuickBooks 2018 and later:

  • Anything other than 100% (default) DPI settings:  If you have your displays set to anything other than the default DPI font scaling (100%), Multi-Monitor will not work.  You will need to change your DPI settings to 100% for all screens to use this feature.
  • Having mixed DPI (font scaling) settings: For example, your laptop screen has a DPI setting of 150%, your left monitor has 100% (default), and your right monitor has 125%. QuickBooks Multi-Monitor requires all screens have the same DPI setting.
  • Third Party Multi-Monitor Programs: Some 3rd party multi-monitor programs (such as Display-Link, Display-fusion, etc) will not work properly when used with QuickBooks Multi-Monitor mode. For best results, use Windows native Multi-Monitor support.
  • Tiling/Cascade of Windows: When Multi-Monitor mode is enabled, you will not be able to use the menu function to tile/cascade windows.
  • Moving the Program Window: Trying to move the QuickBooks window (main program window) while Multi-Monitor mode is enabled is not permitted. In order to move the main program window, you must first exit Multi-Monitor mode.
  • Monitors in Windows Display Settings not being horizontally aligned: If in your Windows display settings, your monitors are not all even (aligned horizontally evenly), Multi-Monitor will not work. See KB for details.
  • Hosted Environments:  When using QuickBooks Desktop in a hosted environment such as Rightworks, the Multi-Monitor feature is not supported.
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