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Correct calculation errors with Automated Sales Tax address verification in QuickBooks Online

by Intuit Updated 10 months ago

Learn how to correct any sales tax calculation errors during AVS system downtimes or communication issues. 

It depends on what invoice experience you have, but you may get the following, or similar, error message:

Our tax calculator is out of service right now-please try again later. Be sure to uncheck the tax box before saving this invoice, or an incorrect tax rate will be saved.”

Error messages will notify you of any sales tax calculation issues, but you can also:

Review sales tax transaction to make sure they are accurate

  1. From Reports, select Reports
  2. Use Find report by name, to find and open the Transaction List by Date report. 
  3. Select Filter, then Last Modified Date, and enter your Custom dates.
    Example:  08/01/2023 to 08/02/2023. 
  4. Select Save to run the report.

Ensure the sales tax is accurate

Review each transaction from the report. 

  1. Select each transaction to open it. 
  2. Select See the math. (Or Edit tax if you have the new estimate and invoice experience.)
  3. On the How your sales tax is calculated window select Close.
  4. Select Save to recalculate the sales tax. 

See also how to File your sales tax return and record sales tax payments in QuickBooks Online.

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