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How to customize and manage payment reminders

Learn how to automatically send custom payment reminders to your customers.

Automated payment reminders let your customers know when they have invoices they still need to pay you for.

Here's how to set up and customize your company's automatic email reminders. Once you're set up, QuickBooks will let you know when you have reminders available to send, and you can approve them before they go out.

How to set up payment reminders

  1. Go to the Edit menu, then select Preferences.
  2. Select Payments, then select Company Preferences.
  3. Set the time you’d like to be reminded to review and approve reminders.

How to schedule payment reminders

  1. Go to Customers, then select Payment Reminders.
  2. Select Schedule Payment Reminders.

You’ll be walked through the process of creating a schedule, mailing list, and how often reminders are sent. You can also add reminders to be sent before or after the due date.

How to review and send payment reminders

While you’re working in QuickBooks, you’ll see a prompt to review and send your payment reminders. You can choose to:

  • Close: This closes the prompt and nothing is sent.
  • Send now: This sends the day’s scheduled reminders.
  • Review and send: This allows you to review and send reminders.

How to track payment reminders

There are two ways you can see the details of the payment reminders you’ve sent.

  1. Go to Customers, then select Customer Center.
  2. Select the customer, then select the Sent Email tab.

You can also find the details of the payment reminder on the invoice by selecting See History.

How to manage mailing lists

  1. Go to Customers, then select Payment Reminders.
  2. Select Manage Mailing List.
  3. From the Action column, select Edit or Delete.

Note: Once a mailing list has been deleted, it can’t be recovered. You’ll need to recreate it.

How to turn off payment reminders

Payment reminders are on by default. If you don’t need to review payment reminders, you can turn them off.

  1. Go to Edit, then select Preferences.
  2. Select Payments.
  3. Select Company Preferences.
  4. Select No to turn off payment reminders.

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