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Script error when using payments account applications or websites

Script errors occur when there is a problem executing a command that involves our application(s) on your computer attempting to access a web-based (internet) feature. This may also involve third party applications (e.g. Java, Flash, ActiveX, etc.) interacting with our online applications (e.g. Online Service Center, QuickBooks Online, etc.) and/or our desktop software (e.g. QuickBooks Pro/Premier/ Enterprise or Point of Sale, etc.).

These errors may appear in a multitude of formats such as the following generic messages:

Script Error

Error in Script

It may also be a more detailed version such as:

Script error line #### character ## object ####.

Regardless of the exact format, there are two reasons why script errors occur:

  • Script processing functions blocked
  • Script software is damaged and/or related data is incompatible.

Refer to the table below for steps to resolve the issue depending on the likely cause of the script error.

Likely cause Recommended solution
Browser cache full or corrupted Clear temporary internet files and cache
Browser configuration Configure Internet Explorer to work with QuickBooks payments and related applications
Damaged ActiveX components Uninstall the ActiveX control file
Script debugging is enabled Disable script debugging:
  1. On your IE, click the Tools menu (gear icon) and select Internet Options.
  2. Go to the Advanced tab.
  3. Scroll through the Settings box and click Disable script debugging (Internet Explorer) and Disable script debugging (Other).
Security application blocking script function Any security-related components will need to be configured to allow scripts during QuickBooks Desktop processing or completely uninstalled.

NOTE: Turning OFF security software only disables new data input and will continue to block functions so long as the software is installed. If necessary, the business' IT department will need to be contacted for assistance if needed.

Corrupted QuickBooks data file Resolve data damage on your company file.
If there is any data problem, contact QuickBooks Desktop Support to resolve the issue.
Damaged Windows User Create a new windows administrator user. See  Add, edit or create Windows users with Admin rights to allow configuration for detailed steps.
Script Processing software damaged Uninstall and reinstall Java®, Adobe Flash® and .Net Framework® (for QuickBooks users only).

Be sure the Windows admin access is available to install these files.

For Windows 8 users, these applications may not install when using Internet Explorer. They will need to be installed using a different browser or from the Windows Updates.

Malware A full system scan will need to be run to determine if the system and/or application files have been compromised.

Note: Our applications and services are designed for use in the Internet Explorer environment so all diagnostic steps are done in a supported version of IE.

It is recommended that these steps be performed by your business IT department. The following tools are provided as a courtesy:

Operating System Files Check

  1. Click the Start menu and select Search.
  2. In the search box, enter the command SFC/SCANNOW to inspect all of the system files. If there is a problem, you will need to follow the instructions as indicated.

Warning: This is a very long process and this function will take several minutes to run.

Disk error checking

  1. On the Windows Start menu, select Computer.
  2. Right click the C:/ drive and go to the Tools tab.
    Note: For Windows 7, you may need to click Properties to see Tools.
  3. Under the Error-checking section, click the Check Now button.
    Note: On the Check Disk window, leave the two boxes unchecked unless otherwise indicated by your business IT department.

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